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Friday, April 5, 2013


Does anyone know where you can buy steamed clams without going too far afield? I woke up this morning at 4:00 and had a hankering after some steamers—the full bodied kind, like you get on Cape Cod or in Boston, not the miniscule ones they often serve around here. You can get a plate of fried clams, the full-bodied ones, either as an appetizer or entree at Nicole's Restaurant, down on Jog, left side, beyond Lake Worth Drive, but they don't have steamers. Any suggestions?  
Your Blogmeister replies:

This puts me in mind of the arcane nuttallia obscurata, or purple varnish clam.

 you should have no problem finding these in the environs of East Timor! While Asian in origin, it has migrated into Washington and British Columbia waters. I would beware, as this species is a bearer of Paralytic Shellfish Poison!!
Dave Israel


  1. I also love steamers (aka piss clams). To my knowledge they are not available anywhere in this area. I go to the Berkshires in MA for 3 months every summer. One of the first things I do is run to the supermarket and buy them. What a feast!

  2. We had New England steamers at Lola's which is located at the intersection of Military and Northlake. Take a left and the second right into the plaza where the old Joseph's Market use to be.
    They were outstanding! They also have steamed cherry stones (little necks) and the best fried clams whole belly. They get their steamers from MA the home of the best fried clams ( Ipswich, MA)

    I'm from CT and we were craving steamers last week!!!!

  3. Have you tried the New England Steamers at The Station House in Lantana?

  4. Thank you all for your suggestions (I mean the three of you who commented, not the Blogmeister, who apparently thinks purple is the only color in the spectrum). I've been to the Station House for lobster, Anita (well, you know that), but didn't think of them for steamers, and I'll have to look up Lola's. "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets," and Lola will get some of my business if they have the steamers! The Station House, too. Thank you all, and keep the suggestions coming!

  5. Steamers are also available at Spoto's.

  6. Lanny

    More information about Lola's Seafood Eatery
    4595 Northlake Blvd.
    Palm Beach Gardens
    Hours Mon.-Thur. 11:00-8:30
    Fri.&Sat. 11:00-9:00
    Sun. 11:00-8:00
    Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week

    Steamed or spicy clams
    Steamed mussels in lemon butter wine
    Steamed curry mussels
    Steamed Ipswich steamers

    Yum! Yum!


  7. Thanks again, everyone. I've been to Spoto's, didn't think about steamers but got delicious (best I ever had) scallops. That seductive Lola's is calling to me, though, thank you for all the info, Sue H. Looks like we don't have to do without, Concerned Unit Owner!

  8. Good recommendation, Sue H! I went to Lola’s, found it just as you said, on NW corner of Military Trail and Northlake a little west of intersection, and ordered the steamers and a side. They had the Ipswich clams (biggest, named for Ipswich, MA), but suggested calling ahead (622-2259) to make sure they have them in the future.

    I went alone, thought I’d check it out before I brought anyone. Very nice, you order at a counter, and they bring you everything. Clams were delicious. I had my Kindle with me and while eating read some of a Thomas Jefferson biography recommended by Toni Salometto. An enjoyable time.

    Keep those recommendations coming, folks. I live by them.


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