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Friday, June 21, 2013


A new group of Single Seniors has been formed..Our aim is to provide fellowship, encouragement
and will attempt to bring together Single men and women, for friendship and possible
companionship, for a more productive life of enjoyment and new interests.
Our next meeting will take place, Thursday, June 27th at 7PM, at the Camden Pool,
under the canopy,   Coffee & Donuts will be served. for further information
Contact Milt Cohen @1-631-987-6565 or myself @ 687-3886
Bettie Lee Bleckman


  1. About 5 years ago another singles group was organized. I think it lasted a few months. Good luck!

  2. I wasn't here for the last group, but success or failure depends largely upon who shows up to meetings and what the group hopes to accomplish.

  3. I believe we "Outlined" our goals
    in our statement. However all
    opinions are welcome and open for
    to Grace: Thank you, If we manage
    to enrich our circle of acquaintances with those of similiar tastes, then I believe
    we have accomplished what we set out to do. to my knowledge, none
    of us were previously involved in
    the group you refer to, as we all
    had our spouses at that time..
    so in essence, we are a group of
    Widow's and Widower's and perhaps
    some who no longer are in relationships, who wish to expand
    their social circle, with perhaps
    trips, theatre, fund raiser's and
    dining, or just chatting.


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