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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ending Term Limits: One More Hurdle to Go

On June 3rd the UCO Executive Board voted 17-1 in favor of sending the proposal to end term limits to the July 5 Delegates Assembly for a vote. First the petition will be published in the UCO Reporter issue that comes out at the end of June.

Delegates, please be sure to attend July 5th and vote for what you believe is best for the Village. Remember, all this proposal does is give officers a chance to run for re-election beyond the terms currently stipulated in the by-laws. No officer is guaranteed another term. Officers will have to win re-election the old-fashioned way: they'll have to earn it.

At the last Officers Meeting, Dom Guarnagia reminded us that only 13 people ran for 10 Executive Board seats in the last election, and Bob Marshall said that he is normally opposed to ending term limits -- except here in Century Village where it is so hard to find people with the time or willingness to serve. Simply: we don't have enough qualified people who want to do these jobs, and we can't afford to waste  the talents of those who do. 

For now, please let us know your thoughts and we'll see you at this Friday's Delegates Assembly and on July 5.


  1. does the exec board vote means that it APPROVES of the ending of term limits, or is the board merely sending the vote to the floor without recommendation or comment?

    without getting too much into who said what, did many exec board members come out in favor of this proposal?

  2. hi, I will try to explain.
    1)the advisory board was given the change first and approved it.
    2)then it went to the officers committee and they approved it.
    3) then it went to the executive board and they approved it.
    4) now it will go to the delegates with the recommendation that the first three boards approved the change.
    if the delegates approve it, it will be published in the uco reporter according to our guide lines and then voted on at the august delegate assembly.if there is no quorum at the assembly the vote will revert back to the executive board approval and will be published in the reporter and then voted on in august at the delegate assembly.WHEW! I think that covers it.

  3. Phyllis, I did not know about 4) is that a vote approval?
    And then I think the first time you mention August, shouldn't that be July?

  4. Phyllis, #4 makes no sense to me, If the delegates approve it why would it go back to the delegates for re approval. How many times do the delegates have to vote on the same subject????

  5. Hi all,
    After yesterdays (3 June, 2013) approval by the Executive Board, the proposed change will be printed in the UCO Reporter.

    Then it will be voted on by the Delegate Assembly.

    Dave Israel

  6. The three bodies approved this bylaw and now it will be published in the UCO paper and then in July the delegates will vote on it.


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