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Monday, June 24, 2013


The temporary fence continues, there goes part of the lift station hedge. Nice plantings on the wrong side of the drive from East Drive are untouched as yet. Fence really is close - 10' in places, it will be chain link temporarily and then Golf's Edge will get a decorative aluminum fence according to Don Zajicek, Coordinator for Reflection Bay (RB). He (in the plaid shirt) is happy to answer questions and explain the benefits of RB. Measurements are being made to the inch IAW property plans. 

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  1. Of course he will be happy to talk about the benefits of Reflection Bay. He won't be living there!

  2. I think some of the new cables going in underground end up at the RB construction site. I think we all know how this is going to end up.

  3. PlC you are very perceptive, does PRPC notice anything! there are red flags all over the village, I wonder what they mean? Oh yeah red for warning!

  4. At least the fence construction, etc., suggests that Mr. Waldman may be planning to go ahead with his plans for Reflection Bay, and not simply resell the property once he got the zoning changed to someone who would put something in a lot less desirable than RB. If you remember, that was a "worst case scenario" on the part of some here. I know there are abuses to watch out for, and I would not have my head in the sand, but something I was impressed with a long time ago could be summed up in the saying "The way to have a good neighbor is to BE one." To have good relations with one's neighbor can almost not be overvalued. The benefits of overlooking minor points of disagreement and of extending the olive branch can be very great.


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