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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gated Community

Now our village SE side is wrapped in silver chain link. While not insurmountable, it will be interesting to see if bike crime goes down.

We cannot afford new fence on Century Drive, really!


  1. Hi Elaine,

    Perhaps we could have a new fence at no cost to us!

    How you ask? Simple, we might remove the UCO Fence, thus opening up the Developer's gulag.

    He would then have to extend his existing "Temporary Construction Fence", but that would not be very neighborly!!

    I was personally threatened by his Reflection Bay Coordinator with them filing a report with PBSO; our crime: moving one of the Greenbrier C Security lights from RB property onto Greenbrier C property, as it was caught behind the great fence.

    It seems that it is Ok! for him to destroy landscaping and puncture irrigation lines, but not Ok for us to relocate a hostage security light

    Now, the South end of Greenbrier C parking lot will be dark, after we move the light back across the fence; "Welcome Neighbor"

    Dave Israel

  2. If this is a presage of what is to come, we had better fight to the bitter end for the most important words on our contract: in perpetuity.

  3. Did UCO or anyone have a survey done to be sure they are putting up the fence in the proper place? CV certainly has legal rights regarding the property lines, and where a fence can be erected.
    Bob B

  4. by the way, that NO TRESPASSING sign belongs to us. that is our number on it. i remember when we ordered those signs. at that time we paid $20.00 per sign.

  5. Why would UCO order a survey for someone else's fence? Do Golf's Edge, etc. know where their actual property lines are? I mean the real lines, not the ones heard third hand from someone's brother in law or on the bus?

  6. Everyone should have the survey certificate and maps attached to their Bylaws. The 25' in the letter is one of many inventions.


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