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Monday, June 17, 2013

Response to spy mongers on the malcontent blog

This was posted on the malcontent blog in response to the ridiculous accusations:

You should consider checking with a psych about these paranoid delusions.
What a person did for a living before they retired doesn't mean a thing. If you are a retired postal worker, does that mean you will check all the mail that is sent out or deliver it when it comes in? No. If  you were an engineer on the railroad, will you start hanging around the tracks? I doubt it. Even prostitutes eventually have to give up their corner. 
Why would you think that just because Dave worked for the NSA and Ed was a radio intel officer that they would be here to spy on Century Village. Once again...ludicrous. Maybe if you had any idea of what the military does, then you would think differently. 
Plain and simple, your head needs to be removed from another body part for you to see clearly. 


  1. Bob:

    I agree with you 100% regarding the
    malcontent blog. David and Ed have
    created a lot for CV and we should
    not have to put up the the garbage
    that that dumb gutter guy who does
    not even have a brain which makes
    him an idiot.

  2. A little edit please! lmao

  3. Idiotic Mike:

    Why waste my time to edit it.
    You would not even know where to
    start for you are brainless


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