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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


What to my wondering eyes did appear between La Brasa and Rinaldi's - a vegan cafe opening today.
Now to put all those healthy resolutions into action. Today was mostly drinks and smoothies, the food items will increase in the next few days.

I got fermented tea and kimchi. They also carry Moe's Fermenteds


  1. YUM,Yum! Can't wait till the place is in full swing. Maybe I can get a bean sprout Martini.

  2. Seems I am surrounded by vegans these days. My boyhood best friend's granddaughter is hiking the whole Appalachian Trail. I wanted to send her a sort of CARE package to pick up at a post office en route and had thought to include a few food items. Come to find out she's a vegan, and I haven't the slightest idea what to get her. All I hear is what she CAN'T eat. Finally I went to a nature food store, said "Get me vegan help, PLEASE!" and a young woman found me several items that looked like birdseed, for which I paid top dollar.

    Where did you say this restaurant was? I'm headed the other way.

  3. Lanny, It's at the corner of Haverhill and Okeechobee Blvd, used to be called Yellow Monkey Shopping Center, just over the Southampton wall. Your doctor would probably recommend you eat there every day, lots of vegetables. I am going to try everything on their menu.

  4. I hope it's a big success. We need some healthy places to eat. Unfortunately I will be gone for the next three months but will definitely look forward to trying it when I return. Hopefully it will survive the summer with fewer people around.

    Lanny I've been to Lola's twice and love it. Thanks for the recommendation.


  5. elaine, why was it called Yellow Monkey? sounds like someplace in Thailand.

  6. Dear Concerned Owner,
    I am glad you liked Lola's. It was Sue Hall who suggested Lola's, as you may remember. About a week ago, I was in Palm Beach Gardens for two doctor appointments, and when done I figured I deserved a 6th visit to Lola's. I had had steamers the first 5 times, but this time I had their fried whole belly clams and the small salad they are noted for, and both were delicious.

    Also, this time I asked if the seductive (I didn't use the word "seductive") Lola was in. Come to find out there is no actual Lola--it's a name the owner chose--but HE was in. The waitress said he had three such Lola's eateries. No, I said, I'll pass on meeting him.

    This was a bit of a letdown but nothing serious and certainly not enough to send me to any vegan establishment--although I will admit it is an attractive storefront photo Elaine B put up on her post, and the idea of a Smoothie appeals to me. Do you know, I have never had a Smoothie. Maybe there is hope for me yet.

  7. Hi all,

    I hope they will be serving fillet of unborn octopus!!

    Dave Israel


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