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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Message posted on "Olga's" blog

I posted this on Olga's Blog: ........................... There were only two delegates that walked out on this vote. An injustice to their associations. They were not represented and for that I say SHAME ON YOU. All the rhetoric, quoting our founding fathers about "taxation" without representation, and what did you do? Walked out without voting on the issue. Each association has a delegate and an alternate to ensure representation. The fact that you and Grossman walked out without representing your associations says a lot. Maybe those associations should recall their delegates and send someone that will represent them, but that is for your associations to decide. Hopefully after this next meeting, this can finally be put to rest as the voters have already spoken. Business at UCO does not come to a complete halt because the snowbirds go home after the season, nor should it. while there are many that care about their investment, many more come to vacation and would rather vacation than be bothered with the day to day business. Those that are interested in the day to day functions of UCO are most welcome and their voices will be heard, so please stop trying to disrupt it and let us get back to making this THE PLACE to be. .............................. I can only hope that the message gets through. Pretty much to set aside our differences and get on with the business at hand. One of the things that has been on my mind lately has been the issue with Waldman. I was a supporter of the Reflection Bay Project, but as of late, I am starting to lean the other way. Not because I think the project would bring down our property values, I still believe they will rise. I am however concerned with the blatant disregard for Century Village by seizing the wells dug and put in place by the associations that were given permits by the city then a fence went up and they were told the wells belong to Reflection Bay. If that be the case, then we should seek reimbursement for not only the wells, but the cost of the permits as well. also the price of any security lighting that was up before the fences went up. We also need to DEMAND that the gate placed by them be removed and access to the village needs to go through the gates, like any other visitor, although I see no reason for them to come on the property. I do have one question to the associations that had the wells put in; How long have the wells been there? The reason for asking is that if improvements were made to a property that was seemingly abandoned, there may be a possibility that that property now belongs to those associations. You cut the grass, you put in a well, that would surely be seen as an improvement. Someone in the village must be more familiar with Florida Property laws. Check it out. There are time limitations, at least in other states.


  1. It's call a taking by Adverse possession.Whether it applies in this situation or not, with be up to the legal brain trust of CV.

  2. Bob...I agree with you whole heartily. Waldman needs to be stopped now or we as village are going to be in a lot trouble. There must be something that can be done legally. Like you, I was leaning in favor of Reflection Bay, thinking it would enhance our property values. I still think that way but the tactics that Waldman using wants me to lean the other way.
    As far as Grossman is concern, he has nothing in mind but to just disturb everything that is propose. The Village doesn't need someone like him with negative diatribe.
    Let's hope that Dave and the board can come up with a way to stop all these negative things that Waldman is doing.
    I really believe that Dave is doing an excellent job and thank God we have him

  3. I do not know what Florida Law states but I know we ha issues in Ohio because a neighbor had walked his dog on a small piece of our property (which we gave him permission to do). He occasionally beat us to mowing that section because we were mowing 7 acres. We thought it was a nice gesture on his part. Suddenly there were posts and bird houses on the property. We found we could do nothing about it because he had "maintained" that area for over a year by occasionally mowing and that gave him the right to do as he pleased to that land and by petitioning the courts he was able to gain that 100 square foot of land from us.

    Something that I agree we need to look into.

  4. As I have stated before, If you don't vote, if you don't participate, you have no right to complain. Olga and Grossman gave up their vote and should now be silent.
    The problem now is that by doing so, they have silenced a two associations. If they were the officers of MY association, I would be calling for their resignation. That of course is the option of their associations, but most likely they are too intimidated to do so. I wish these association good luck in the future because if this is the way they conduct the business of representation, they are going to be at the mercy of whatever administration is in power at the time.

  5. Grossman and dumb Olga will do what
    ever they can for they have so much
    hatred for David who I believe is
    one of the best President at CV.
    Yesterday I met a gentlemen who is
    from Ohio and his business in Ohio
    was he was a paving contractor. I
    asked him how he felt about the
    paving that CV had done and his
    answer to me was VERY GOOD JOB.


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