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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mistress Olga gets to gloat...but for how long? Wake up Century Village!

Time for Mistress Olga and her cronies to gloat... my petition went nowhere, but it won't stop me from demanding that the same standard be held for all UCO Officers. Details from the County's site...check PAPA it has been said that this is a vendetta against Dorothy, but it's not. She just happens to be the one violating the by-laws, and they can let her get away with it, all bets are off. you just opened the doors to ANYONE wanting a pet to get one, how about pot belly pigs and pit bulls, wanna buy a semi and drive it all over the village, be my guest, by laws don't mean a thing, Just for clarification, here is what the county's report says online, Note the address in the village and note the MAILING ADDRESS. If you live here, why does your mail go to Cypress Lakes? I guess All officers won't be held by the same standards after all. Read these carefully. you will notice the addition of a person to the deed, then the removal of same a month later. three months later...back on. and look carefully at the MAILING ADDRESS ON BOTH DOCUMENTS. Want to still let it go? Of course the Mistress of Propaganda will twist it, but an intelligent person won't be fooled. .......................................................................................................................................................................... this info is public information, so those of you that are going to cry foul...sorry, no such luck


  1. Good work Bob. Now its up to the UCO Executive Board and the delegates to review the bylaws once more to determine who is eligible to be an officer.

  2. Now I am being threatened....this was on the other blog......I thought about just dropping it, but way. .....Careful Mr. Rivera - Good advice to you is that you be very careful when you mention my name or use specific public documents for illicit purposes or for personal and selfish gain.

    I am a professional with more than fifty years experience in the Architectural Profession, and I don't think that you want to even come close to or suggest that I may have acted irresponsibly in any matter that could denigrate my reputation.

    I have advised my attorney of what your devious intentions appear to be and what you are doing, and should he deem it actionable in a libelous and/or defamatory way, -- I shall instruct him to take all necessary action and expend whatever sums that may be required to cause you to cease and desist and to stop you dead in your tracks. I will then seek to recover damages toward that end.

    Edward J. Ross, AIA, ARA, NCARB, Architect

  3. by the way, I never mentioned his name, it just happens to be on the internet site showing the documents which ANYONE can download. IT IS PUBLIC RECORD.

  4. I think Frau Olga (Mistress of propaganda) is more appropriate.She reminds me of another Frau who was Geo.L's mouthpiece at the old CV Q&A. The Blog was created because of censorship.

  5. I was hoping that someone else would ask this question:

    What sane person, who owns a single unit but does not reside in Century Village, would volunteer for, and stand for election to an unpaid, apparently fulltime job which carries heavy responibilities and subjects the officeholder to regular scrutiny, criticism and abuse?

    Simply owning a unit here does not justify this level of commitment to public service. Our individual homes are not valuable enough to warrant a purely fiduciary motive. Only full time, year round residency would provide enough of a stake for anyone but a lunatic or a conartist to want to be involved at this level. Our Treasurer appears to be neither.

  6. So Don! Let me get this straight, Tetro moves to Cypress Lakes creating her homestead there and she just comes to CV because she likes working at UCO. In your mind,does this reason give her the right to be an elected official in CV ? Just curious.

  7. What do UCO and PBSO always say "If you see something, say something" Good work Bob. If there is a simple explanation - let's hear it.

  8. No Mike, my point is exactly the opposite. Noone in their right mind just comes into Century Village "just because they like working at UCO". Do you watch the Delegate Assemblies? If you were Treasurer and Mr. Grossman stood up and did his act for you, how long would it take before you jumped off the stage and brained him? People run for these difficult and thankless jobs because they feel that they have a stake in what goes on here. And year round residents, in my opinion, have the biggest stake.

    About "homesteading". People homestead where they will derive the greatest financial advantage. You can buy an apartment in CV for ten grand. If you own two homes, and one them is in CV, chances are you will homestead the other one.

  9. Ed Black's post explains it all. It's nothing against the Treasurer personally, other than the bending of the by laws. Plain and simple: ALL OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS SHOULD BE HELD TO THE SAME STANDARD. It just so happens that according to the online documents in PAPA, one of the officers lives elsewhere. If I or any other Executive Board Member were in the same situation, I would expect to be held to the same standard.
    Instead of listening, propagandist Olga wants to twist it like it is some personal vendetta against the Treasurer. Not so. I have publicly stated that she does a good job. I just don't believe she lives here, and according to by laws, should not be in office.

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  11. From the Sound of her posting blasting, John, a Vice President that is away for treatment, Mistress Olga wants his job.
    Should he resign I am pretty sure a special election will have to conducted as I doubt she would make it through the same process as John did. My dog could probably beat her in an open election. Sadie is probably more qualified and she doesn't sue everyone.

    July 13, 2013 at 5:27 PM


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