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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


We will be holding our 1st "Meet & Greet" on Thursday, July 11th at 7 PM, under the canopy
of CAMDEN pool...All unattached senior males & females are welcome, who would like to
expand their social circle...Refreshments will be served.


  1. WOW! This sounds like the perfect event for all my new CV Wiccan and Naturist friends to meet other CV singles. Maybe a little clothing optional swim would loosen folks up under the careful supervision of CV Patron Saint Baal. I have an 8' statue of Baal that can be placed overlooking the deep end of the pool. Pazuzu will not be welcome because of his evil nature but all my friends are looking forward to this Bacchanalian fiest. Let the orgy begin, who is bringing the spanish fly?

  2. Mike:
    I believe I speak for the "Founding
    Member's".... THANKS, BUT NO THANKS
    Surely,YOU and THOSE who share
    YOUR INTERESTS, will continue to

  3. Bettie:
    It never dawned on me that you and your founders would be such an unfriendly lot,I guess you won't be bringing the Spanish Fly. Perhaps a full body massage by Baal would brighten your mood.

  4. Mike:
    Not having made your acquaintance,
    nor wishing to, based upon your many contributions over time.....
    you appear to be 'VISITING'
    the planet on which I reside....
    My demeanor, as many resident's
    can attest to,could not be enhanced by your suggestions...
    Do take advantage of all the
    elements referred to in your 7/10

  5. " The lady doth protest to much,methinks" Hamlet

  6. Mike:

    David has created a really great
    blog for us normal unit owners
    and you will do all you can to
    put nothing but negative comments
    like saying that David & Ed are
    spies. My suggestion to you is
    to seek mental help and stay off
    this CV blog with your nasty
    comments. What do you get out of
    it to be so insulting and knocking
    people around which tells me that
    you really need rehabilitation
    for you are not the normal people
    who speak intelligently on Dave's
    blog. Do you do it because you
    enjoy knocking people around.
    Please take my suggestion and make
    an appointment to get treatment
    to be a normal intelligent person.
    If you refuse to get treatment for
    your unintelligent mind then leave
    David's blog and go to OLGA'S
    BLOG for she will love what you
    say about normal intelligent people
    because her blog is nothing but

  7. Considering last night's weather,
    we had a lovely turn-out...
    We will meet again on Thurs. the
    25th, same time & place.


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