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Thursday, July 11, 2013


I predict a hung jury.
Only way to save the state from riots.
What say Ye?


  1. I agree and I hope you are right. Can do without all that uprising. What happened to the peaceful world we use to live in. These times are totally insane. Wish we could revert to the "good old days."

  2. I'm just glad our CV COPS always know how to report and not to get out of their cars. Big thank you to our COPS for hundreds of thousands of hours.

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  4. He was found innocent! What a travesty. There will be peaceful demonstrations but according to what I've read they are not expecting any riots. Are you aware that in our lovely state of FL just about anyone can get a carry permit?

  5. Yes, Florida is the exact opposite of NY when it comes to gun ownership. NY entrusts very few people with a handgun. Florida trusts pretty much everybody with this heavy responsibility- but with the understanding that the consequences for messing up are harsh.

    Letting this man go with no penalty at all is a mistake, and sends the wrong message to citizens who elect to own firearms. They even gave this clown his gun back.


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