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Sunday, August 25, 2013


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Don't miss this first meeting of the Finance Committee to consider the draft UCO budget for 2014
Dave Israel


Old Nassau '67 said...

I don't don't see an "attack". The first speaker says that security is more important; that even though she would save money, she thinks CV has greater priorities. The second speaker has facts and figures: from an original proposed levy of $1.70 to a present asking for $3.00/month; that 750 out of 14,000 residents asked for Wi-Fi. I wish the second speaker named those buildings he stated had installed Wi-Fi more cheaply than the two proposals he specified (one for $900k; one for $1.2m). I would like to know more about those associations who have installed WiFi on their own. The bow-tied speaker opened a new perspective: all web-able devices, not just computers, can be connected to the WiFi network

David Israel said...

Hi Old Nassau 67,
August 25, 2013 at 9:21 PM,

Let's go over a few points,

1) We have a plan provided by PBSO to deploy 20 cameras around the Village in order to assist in crime solving. Without the planned Wi-Fi we would have to hard wire those cameras, or move the data via expensive ISP services. The point; Wi-Fi will enhance security.

2) First of all 1500 residents responded to the survey, not 750, and the original number of $1.70 was based on a failed installation in CV Boca Raton, much has been learned by that experience.

3) Individual building installations, will not provide the Bandwidth, Reliability nor the planned blanketing of the entire Campus, both interior and exterior to the units.

4) Finally, know that Wi-Fi will enable the use of all sorts of Wi-Fi Internet enabled devices to be used with great reduction in costs; this includes computers of all sorts; desk-tops, lap-tops, tablets; cell phones, medical alert

Every facet of life related to communications, will be enhanced by Wi-Fi.

Please do not allow a few malcontents to crash one of the most important initiatives for CV in many years. Where are their ideas, what do they bring to the table, besides disruption, complaints and law suits.

Dave Israel