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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To Lovely Olga:

No one is legally permitted to post anything on another's property and
yesterday you and your malcontents posted an untrue letter about our
brilliant and honest President, David Israel, on I believe all the Association's
bulletin boards.  I suggest that you and your malcontents go to all the
bulletin boards that you posted on yesterday and remove the untruthful
garbage and put them in the blue bins that is for paper and if you refuse
to do so I believe you will be reprimanded.  You seem to enjoy doing
unlawful gestures which to me I would find that very boring.

The Nutmegger

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  1. I just ripped the sheet off our bulletin board which is for postings by our assoc members ONLY and was ready to post that on the scandal blog but realized in no way did I want to contaminate my name by doing so - do those gossipmongers and ill informed persons have nothing else to do but contort facts and put forth misinformation? Free speech - those comments on that blog about Nazis and camps are shameful. If CV is so bad - sign up to move to Reflection Bay if it comes to fruition or search for another community.


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