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Monday, September 2, 2013

My WiFi Savings

I'm looking forward to WiFi.
I will be able to save $25/month on internet connection, some people pay $50 and $80 for deluxe connection services.
I will be able to save $21 (29-8) month on local phone service going from AT&T to VOIP.
I will be able to save $10-$wow/month on long distance going from ECG to VOIP.
When I have a smart phone I can save all minute charges, no charge on WiFi.
and I will be connected wherever I am in the Village.

and then there is Skype, and VoipBuster, and Google calls ...


  1. This even makes me feel more cooperative with PRPC, if they were cooperative too.

  2. I have really had enough of the folks bashing the installation of wifi based on their lack of willingness to "subsidize" internet access to those of us in C.V. who believe wifi is not a thing of the future but a staple of the present.

    Do those of us who do not use the pools, clubhouse or tennis courts get the right to "opt" out of a proportional payment to maintain those activities? Of course not. Wifi is just another amenity. All will be invited to use it. Its use will be just like all the other amenities at C.V., it will be up to the individual to choose to use it or not use it.

  3. Actually, for me, it's less about "the Internet", and more about "cellphone". With a wifi campus, the new VOIP/3G cellphone services start to make a lot more sense.

    Here is one that looks very interesting, and would save about one hundred dollars a month in cellphone bills for my Wife and me:

    The math is easy- we pay 140 dollars a month to ATandT for two IPhones. This new service gives us two smartphones with voice, text and data for 38 dollars plus tax. The new service is not unlimited, so it would only work for us if we had cheap or free wifi access in the places where we would spend most of our time- home, the CV campus, work.

    In many North American and most European cities, wifi coverage is so pervasive that many people use "wifi only" mobile phones that never connect with a cellphone network. No cellphone network, no cellphone bill. Many prospective CV residents come from these "wifi-rich" places, and I think that explains why so many of them ask about wifi in CV. I have experienced these enquiries twice, both times from Canadian renters from Alberta and Montreal. It blew their minds that they had to call Comcast and pay forty dollars a month for Internet service during their tenancies. The one from Montreal looked elsewhere for a seasonal rental.

    Occasionally, I take the PalmTran bus into downtown WPB. The buses are wifi, the bus terminal is wifi, and most of Downtown is too. With a wifi Century Village, I can start to think about doing without a cellphone contract at all. We are not quite there, but I can see it coming.

  4. This is a No-Brainer, vote yes on WIFI and no to any money for the malcontents and those people beating a dead horse( golf course).


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