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Monday, September 23, 2013

New red light cameras in West Palm Beach

1. Village and Brandywine
2. Village and Palm Beach Lakes
3. Tamarind and Palm Beach Lakes
4. Australian and Palm Beach Lakes
5. Congress and 45th Street
6. Village and 45th Street
7. Palm Beach Lakes and Congress
8. Southern and Old Dixie
9. Okeechobee and Dixie
10. Okeechobee and Palm Beach Lakes
11. Dixie and Forest Hill
12. 45th and Military
13.45th and Broadway


  1. Hi Clarence,

    Excellent information, thanks!

    Dave Israel

  2. Just another sign of a City unable to collect enough taxes.

  3. Thx Clarence, I thought they would blanket Okeechobee, but have not WEEEEEEEeeeeeee! ;-)
    Stay off PB Lakes.

  4. Thank you,Clarence! Now I will know where to not keep the cruise control at 70.


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