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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Time for WiFi

WiFi is on an unstoppable course where it will reveal itself as the prevalent communications technology of choice. It is only after its adoption here that WiFi will reveal its true power and savings. Look at the internet across the world, If you want to see it sparkle day and night see

Let's make Florida sparkle more. Do not be distracted by a couple of malcontents who want to hold back the whole village because of their idiotic personal vendetta against the President of UCO.
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  1. WiFi is no longer a luxury it is a necessity in this day and age. More and more younger people are moving to CV and expect to have access to the internet. It is imperative to have internet service to attract the younger generation.

  2. I am WiFi in my condo. It is great. I can take my computer into the living room, the dining room or keep it in my bedroom. We are no longer in the horse and buggy age. Get with it. We need WiFi in the Village and as a selling lure for our condos.


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