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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I would like to know.....George Franklin asked a question at the exec board meeting  about an employee getting a raise????? How could the officers vote for this raise?  When they are complaining about those less fortunate...No benefit from this.... as we will bendefit from wi-fi.


  1. Barbara, while I can understand what you are saying, if employees are seen to have value to the organization and residents, increases are sometimes appropriate. We don't know who qualifies for an increase because the total is spread over a half dozen employees, more or less,
    and these discussions are held in private session. This is my opinion and I respect you for yours.
    If we are looking to keep costs down, especially for those who can ill afford it, why do we keep a laundry open for the benefit of a few when it continues to lose money? And why do we run extra buses to beaches, malls, etc. as a perk, again to a handful?

  2. Guess your right ruthphild..If they are doing their job why not...even though the budget increased from 120,000 to 140,000 ..Why not if they do their jobs well...Lets not think about the volunteers who do a job right

  3. You cannot equate paid employees with volunteers. Volunteers do what they do with the knowledge that they will not get paid. It has nothing to do with a job being done right as you suggest the volunteers do. There is no question about the value of their work.
    There was a time when UCO had one paid employee who came into the office every day, 5 days a week because it was impossible to get a volunteer to do this. As the need arose, more people had to be paid if the organization was to succeed. Of course, UCO could eliminate all paid employees and try its luck at volunteer replacements with expertise and the willingness to serve on this basis. It's difficult enough to get volunteers to give a day, much less five at no pay.

  4. Hi Barbara & Ruth,

    You both make good points, the problem in this case, is that this decision was made at a UCO Staff meeting, and thus in my opinion was not done correctly.

    This should have been put on the agenda of an Officer's Committee meeting, as has been the procedure for many years.

    The Committee would have gone into executive closed session and properly debated and voted on this matter.

    For the record, I voted against this salary increase.

    Dave Israel

  5. If I recall correctly, pay cuts
    were the issue last yr. which
    resulted in 1 resident employee's
    resignation, while the other chose
    to stay..Is this now "Make up" time? How can we burden our
    financially declining resident's
    with another increase? We are
    constantly "Informed" by 2 Officer's as to the current state
    (35 %) of our Resident's living
    below the "Poverty level" and yet
    the F'ncl Committe has seen fit to
    increase salaries, by $20,000?
    Where's the justification?

  6. Hi BettieL,
    October 2, 2013 at 12:42 AM,

    It is my goal to reduce the paid employee staff to an absolute minimum, and have their salaries be in-line with area norms. scaled to a 20 hour work week.

    Also, our paid employees who are office staff should be highly computer literate, not paper pushers, who take 4 hours to accomplish 45 minutes work.

    Needless to say, I have yet to accomplish this goal, and this raise is definitely a move in the wrong direction.

    I'm sure you will have no problem figuring out why, and how things might be fixed at the next election.

    Dave Israel

  7. I recall that at one meeting, the employees' number of paid holidays was discussed and if the office was to be open on Fri. when the holiday fell on a weekend, then the employees would have to work that day to be paid. I totally agree. I also recall the mention of year-end bonuses, but don't know how that was voted.
    As a volunteer for 20 years, if this pay increase issue can be resolved in some way to benefit the community, then I agree about that, as well. Until then, unless the Delegates have the option to reject the $20,000 in salary increases, I guess it stands.
    When the increase issue for 2014 was first mentioned at an Officers meeting, Dorothy mentioned that half of salaries was designated for the CAM and the balance was divided among the other employees. One employee was said to be paid way out of proportion to the rest for the services rendered. This was a general statement and no numbers were divulged. I may be wrong, but I don't see this info to be inappropriate for the residents who are paying for it.

  8. I assume any raises will still have to be earned next year by appropriate performance. They should not be year end bonuses for this year (that would be in this year's budget.)
    "area norms. scaled to a 20 hour work week." sounds right.


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