This Is our Village

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Dorothy has done a good job as treasurer and also very trustworthy....But, PLEASE do you the delegates not see that our by-laws (which we should respect)  the issue of domicile is being skirted for a few to have more power through our treasurer.  Do the right thing and tell the TRUTH. No one is kicking you out but the truth should and will prevail...How can we settle our budget if it is not being prepared by someone who is legal in that position??? If this is so.  Why wouldn't the Treasurer answer a simple question...directly.  You be the judge.


  1. The arrogance displayed was not only directed at you, but everyone
    else, present...This time, her "Advisor's" made the wrong move. Hopefully, her sense of morality will be resumed and she
    will act accordingly.

  2. If she is lying about living in the village when most people know that she lives in Cypress Lakes, what else is she lying about with OUR money. She has no vested interest in the village. If she won't resign then she should be recalled!


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