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Monday, October 7, 2013


Sunday, October 06, 2013

The village needs you to help restore the village to a modern up-to-date place  At the delegates meeting on Oct 4 th, 2013.  We had a good quorum, unfortunately, the group who disrupt every meeting with negative comments and votes got together and deleted the WIFI money ($ 3.00) per month from the budget .   We do not believe that this is the desire of the village residents.

David Israel has worked very hard to get WIFI into the village for its betterment.  It is now available for about $40.00 per month but he and the officers were working to get it installed and available for $ 3.00 a month.  The budget was voted down.  Now the finance committee has to have a meeting or two this week to review and try to get it back in, then followed by a SPECIAL DELEGATES MEETING before the end of the month.  Our bylaws mandate that we accept the budget in October every year.  When most of the village was interested in working for good of the village, it was not a problem to have snowbirds gone for the winter.  Now we need you and would like to see you follow the blog to get dates and times for the special Delegates  meeting and then come down here and VOTE for what you want.

With WIFI our units will continue to climb in value and be known as a up and coming village.  We already have the best and most amenities of any residential community in the area.  (buses, pools, shows, bocci, petangue, tennis, enough clubs and classes to satisfy almost anyone.

We care very much for the poorer residents and we try to do everything we can to help them but this is not a rent assisted community, it is a middle class community and inexpensive WIFI would be a very positive benefit here.  WE WANT TO KEEP UP WITH THE TIMES.

If you are a delegate or if you know a delegate up north  who does not read the blog, tell them they are very needed at our business meetings.  Start planning your years to come down for some of the very important meetings.  Many of you receive the information blogs from David Israel, President.  If you ever have questions about times and meeting places, read the blog, they are listed.  Delegates is the first Friday of every month.

During the finance meetings this week, we hope to get WIFI back into the budget.  With a growing group of negative people we need all the delegates to come and vote for what they want for the village.

All that is necessary for the forces of evil to take over is for the good people to do nothing.  Let us not be the silent majority that does nothing.  We need to CARE and make ourselves heard.



  1. I find it ridiculous to see that the delegates voted for wifi last year and here we are fighting to keep the money in the budget for an approved project. As for Carole Szepesi's remark on the malcontent blog. She has a personal hate against David Israel. We can afford wifi. If Esther Sutofsky should happen to become the next president, I am sure that we will have wifi as the delegates want it. What has Esther done for the village?????

  2. If an association has snowbirds as delegates they should have appointed alternate delegates to represent their association. I totally agree with Grace. We voted for the money last year with no problem and now all of a sudden it's become a major topic of a few malcontents. I spoke to one delegate who voted down the budget. She told me that she had never attended a meeting and had never before looked at the budget. Associations should make sure they have educated delegates who attend meetings not just come to a delegate meeting not aware of what is going on!

  3. Even better, follow Mr. Grossman's advice and show up for tomorrow's Bid and Finance Committee meetings- 10am at UCO. Let the Committee members know how you feel about this issue.

    If you feel under-informed about WiFi, this is a perfect opportunity to get up to speed with straight-from-the-horses- mouth details, with minimal "filtering" by politically biased persons.

    If you voted down the budget because you want to see a paper copy of the most recent audit, ask and you shall recieve.

  4. Well said, Don4060. I agree that the Village needs to get up with the time and WiFi is the easiest way to do it. I pay Comcast over 40.00 a month for supposedly high speed internet that is slower than dial-up. So please, everyone, get on board the train to the future.

  5. I wonder if those who attend the UCO Delegate meetings comprehend what they hear. I overheard a comment that a "wall" is being put up at Southampton for security purposes. With this said, it makes me wonder what was understood about WiFi.

  6. Hi Don4060,
    October 7, 2013 at 10:44 AM,

    Just a reminder, the Audit was sent out by Email along with the Delegate Assembly package.

    This Email was sent on October 2, 2013, for the DA meeting of October 4, 2013.

    Of course, hard copy is available in UCO upon request.

    Dave Israel

  7. Hello Dave- I'm guessing more than a few Delegates checked their email after the Delegate Assembly ended.

    I wonder if any used the Clubhouse WiFi?

  8. Mollie said 'vote for budget and wifi'
    Are we only allowed to comment this week and then at the Del Assy we only get to vote budget up or down?? Deja vue all over again.
    WiFi may or may not be in the budget.

  9. Hi Elaine,
    October 7, 2013 at 7:49 PM,

    Of course you may comment at a Committee meeting.

    And yes, according to Rod, the DA may approve the budget or not, but may not modify it.

    Also, according to Rod,The Officers and Executive Board, may modify the draft budget.

    Dave Israel

  10. Hi Don4060

    I hope you are shaking the snowflakes off and soon will be
    where you belong and that is the
    next President of CV. Your many posts has shown us a lot of your
    intelligence, common sense and the
    knowledge on how CV Delagates meeting should be conducted. My
    feelings are that you will be a
    duplicate of our president now who
    has done so much for CV especially
    financial ways. When I read one
    of the blogs posted yesterday that
    there is a woman who wants to be
    the next President of CV I chocked
    and got very edgy for I feel if it
    is the woman who I think it is then
    what our unit owners want.


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