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Sunday, November 24, 2013

I wrote a small blurb on the Malcontent Blog answering their blog on WiFi. I don't think it will be published as THEY, whomever they are need to approve it first. That is democracy in action. These people are against anything that is good for the village. They want to keep the village in the past and have no good ideas. They don't want WiFi because it will be good for the village and help to keep the resale prices on condos up. As for Esther Sutofsky what has she done for the village? Nothing. Maybe she should run for president of the synagogue across the street as they hold her in such esteem.


  1. Orthodox Syn.female President? As
    Tevah would say "Unheard of,
    Unacceptable!" however,she did engage in conversation with 1 of
    UCO's current Officer's prior to
    "SHOWTIME". All things considered
    it doesn't surprise me...

  2. I agree that before you run for the presidency that you at least get your feet wet by serving on some committees and then run for a seat on the Executive Board, working your way forward.
    I have had many years experience in UCO and having just returned to the Village after an absence, I will run for the Board before considering any office in the future.
    I am not a delegate, but if I were, I would not consider voting for anyone with zero experience in running a community.

  3. Good points here. But the person in question has no real chance at office, but has and will make a lot of noise along the way.

  4. Hi Folks
    Don't waste your time giving Olga's stooge publicity. Be smart, never mention her name or any of the others whose sole purpose is to defeat Dave in the next election. Let those in favor of WiFi and electing Dave look to the positive things that have been accomplished in CV during his administration and the many more things which might come to pass in a third term. Stay positive!

  5. Mike, while I do not support her mostly due to her lack of experience in UCO and the people that are her main support, she is an announced candidate and not mentioning her name does not make her go away.
    I do not agree with her, but she does have the right to be heard. She has the other blog to state her views, and does so with comments some find distasteful. Either way, those are her views right or wrong. That is for the voters to decide.


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