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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Thank you David for hiring some Sheriff deputies to man our Delegates meeting.  When my husband, Bob Marshall was President, he also was presented with a group of people whose only purpose was to disrupt meetings.  It was at the beginning of the golf course battle.  Bob was very frustrated at the actions of this small group.  They did not want to have any opposing views allowed on the floor of the delegates meetings.  Bob was neutral but he wanted the delegates to be given the chance to hear other views so they could decide for themselves.  First at one meeting, there was a move to appoint a "Sargent of Arms" to help keep the flow of information to the delegates open and informed.  Dave Israel got up to present the case.  He was roundly booed down and not allowed to speak.  Another month Matthew Perry was introduced to present a different offer for the golf course property.  Again he was not allowed the decency to present his proposal without a lot of  interruptions from the golf course group.  After that Bob arranged to have a sheriff's  presense at the meeting to ensure order and freedom of speech.  That worked. 

It all sounds like what happened at Brown University this week, a blow to education.  If our college students are not allowed or encouraged to listen to opposing views and able to evaluate them in PS classes, where are we going? 

I am sorry but all the things that Esther and her group are accusing David of are an example of what they are doing every day.  Censor and disrupt.

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  1. Mollie:

    I agree with you 100%. I did email
    Esther an and told her that
    what she wrote re David that she
    was describing herself as to what
    a terrible President she would be
    and that she would turn CV into a


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