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Thursday, December 12, 2013


On December 2, I received a brief e-mail from Dave Israel, UCO president, saying that Ted Herrie’s CAM Report was attached. What a neat thing his reports are! A lot of us see things as we travel the Village roads and walkways––a damaged light pole, for instance. We wonder what caused that and when it will be fixed. Ted’s reports often answer these questions, and they fill us in on other matters that perhaps we haven't thought of––for example, the progress being made in switching from our present transponder system, which is becoming obsolete, to another entry access system, and how we're coming along in getting our road signs made legal size. 

Three cheers for you, Ted, and three cheers as well for Dave Israel for making the dissemination of reports like this easily available by e-mail.


  1. Switch to another entry access system?
    Will it be opened 24/7 hours?

  2. I trust we are switching to a bar code system - they are reliable, very inexpensive, and much easier to install and maintain. :-)

  3. We have a Bar Code on our drivers side back window in New Jersey. NO problems. Driver must have back window up when entering gate. It will be better then what we have now. The cost of replacement is only $5.00 when you get a NEW car. Not $25.00 like CV. Bar codes are put on with NO appointment.
    Charlie K.

  4. John Gluszak: Will this help keep the gates open 24/7??????

  5. As they say "Everything OLD is new again" and we're back to the
    BAR Code System, in place back in
    2003, replaced as it was declared
    "obsolete" later on....
    I realize tehnology changes,however
    How did all the other communities
    remain functional all those years,
    never having to change? (courtesy
    of friends, who live elsewhere)

  6. I love technology, but sometimes a "no-tech" solution is just the thing.

    How about this: a small, one man guard shack on the right side of the right hand entrance lane. Think the little house that the Wooden Soldier stands in.

    Two concrete slabs, two prefab shacks. Add in site clearance, permits, electricity, a big red button that lifts the gate, a fan, a stool. Maybe ten grand all in, with no increase in staff.

    Bullet proof against obsolescence. You pull up, flash your card, Zeke hits the button, in you go.

    Build the booth in reinforced concrete- human powered gate security until the end of time.

  7. Sounds like a plan, Don4060, except I think it should have a "Clarence Lane" so our friend can zip right through at all hours.

  8. Clarence needs a secret entrance like on Batman. A detour sign that folds down to let the Batmobile in, then pops back up again like nothing happened.

  9. Larry and Don: I will take either,OR, you can have everyone show there badge 24/7.
    the transponder/bar code , either works or not. the crocks should not have either device.

  10. Clarence, I am Lanny (two N's), not Larry. I think you must be mixing me up with Larry the Cable Guy. I understand Don4060 is going full speed ahead to get you the batmobile and have your specially disguised entrance fixed up. Would you prefer this at the Haverhill gate or the West Gate, or would you like your own private entrance such as the one fire & rescue uses? We need your measurements for the batman costume, also. Sorry to be such a pest, but folk are also asking (especially on Bus No. 2 and at the Hastings Pool) what you are doing out so late. The rumors are rife, and we know you are an honorable person.

  11. I am just out for the last show at Regal Royal Palm Theater ( lots of seats).. Walmart shopping.

    I do not need a custom suit.

    The guards could all stand at attention

  12. Did you see "The Book Thief" by any chance, Clarence? I saw it last Sunday at the Regal, and it was one of the best movies I've ever seen. The guards should stand at attention and give you a crisp, snappy salute––agreed.

  13. lanny
    I went out and saw "THE BOOK THIEF" last night and gave it 5 stars.

    BUT, the gate was locked when I tried to get back in CV


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