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Monday, December 16, 2013


In response to Gary. Eva was not at the delegates meetings when WiFi was discussed, our president, Dave was. Give credit where credit is deserved. I thank Dave for WiFi. As for information there is enough around, Gary, you just need to look for it. You can Google it even. I am very grateful to have a president at UCO who is a forward thinking person and wants to keep our village going forward with technology and not keep us in the past, Gary. How much more do you think you would get for your condo if you could tell a prospective buyer that there is WiFi in the village. How negative can you get, Gary!


  1. I don't give a rat's ass who is responsible for the pool wifi. It works great, I am grateful to have it, and I look foward to a fully wifi'ed campus.

    When I can drop Comcast and move to a cheaper, wifi dependent smartphone plan, I will use the 1600 dollar annual savings for a cruise.

  2. The last I knew, Grace, the opposition to Dave was saying “Israel gave the order to Eva,” “he [Dave] has coerced Eva,” etc, as if she were his puppet. Here, however (when it suits their purpose) the opposition says “SHE is the one WHO IS IN CHARGE AND RESPONSIBLE not your almighty David.” Not exactly consistent, eh? Makes you wonder about believing anything they say.

  3. Don't believe anything they say Lanny. They are running amok, but only standing in the same bad spot.

  4. Since when does WPRF,acquiesce to
    the President of UCO? They are 2
    separate entities, who make every
    effort to "work together" for the
    betterment of the resident's of our
    Village..How sad the "Candidate Select" made that accusation,or not?
    Another Nail in the Coffin?

  5. Hi all,

    Wi-Fi deployment to the Rec. Facility pools is a joint cooperative effort of UCO and the WPRF Information Technology Division.

    It was planned by the Wi-Fi Committee and executed by decision of the Operations Committee, of which I am Chair.

    Thanks all around to Dee Albert, Dan Cruz, and Eva Rachesky; network operations by DSL Express.

    If you have an Internet ready portable device, take it to a Rec. Facility pool and give it a try.

    Please report your experience here.

    Dave Israel


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