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Saturday, December 21, 2013

*****SCAM ALERT******

*************BEWARE*******SCAM ALERT**********BEWARE**************
If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Publisher's Clearing House saying THAT YOU HAVE AN UNCLAIMED PRIZE AWAITING YOU...IT IS A SCAM.
They are saying that they have a certified check for a large amount of money and a Mercedes in you choice of color. They are claiming to be calling from Jamaica or Las Vegas or where ever...One of the numbers they call from is 876-432-0838 and the person on this line claims to be named Peterson.
Do not fall for this. This person called a friend of mine, who asked me to check it out. I called the number (blocking my number from their caller ID) and made up a name and said it was my sister that had received the call...they went on and on about the check for over a million and a Mercedes Benz that they wanted to deliver etc. they are trying to get info, or money and steal your ID.
*************BEWARE********SCAM ALERT**********BEWARE**************


  1. Some time back I as well received
    a phone call from Vegas, wanting
    to confirm personal info..this female claimed she "Represented "
    My Health Care Provider,,when I
    asked who was that, she stated the
    one who currently provides your scv.My response was" If you can't
    provide me w/the name, I won't confirm any information" What a
    fast disconnect...Having caller ID
    has become a necessity and no longer a convenience. I strongly
    recommend "Call Blocking"..

  2. ATTENTION: 800 numbers can see your phone number even if it is BLOCKED. Try calling 800-COMCAST with a blocked number.

    To block your number for one call only, dial *67 before dialing the 800 number.  Comcast will read out your number even if blocked.

    Fred Hadley


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