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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Scent-free Performances - unfortunately not yet!

Last night (Dec 14) we attended the wonderful performance of the 'Sounds of Soul' at the clubhouse.
As the four of sat down in the middle of section B - we noticed a very strong perfume scent surrounding us - and knew it was going to be a tough night.  One of us had to mask her breathing with a handkerchief - which she kept to her face throughout the entire performance. About 10 minutes into the performance, my wife had an asthma attack (difficult to prove - I know - but only asthma sufferers know for sure) which forced her to leave, recover her normal breathing, and return to an empty - but scent-free seat near the back exit.

Whenever we had announcements for a scent-free performances - the audience would always applaud loudly. Of course, we no longer have the announcements -much to the relief of the perfume wearers!  In fact I never saw - nor heard of- any enforcement of scent-free environment (does anyone know of someone who was turned away?). I think we need to stop focussing our energies on enforcing a moral code - such as dress lengths above the knee - ( which I have observed to be enforced) - to placing our energies into creating a healthy environment for all of us at the clubhouse performances.



  1. One would think by now the Theatre
    goers would be more considerate of
    those who have breathing problems and do not need weekly reminders.
    Unlike Proper Attire,(visable of course)this is not..
    Unfortunately,all one can do is
    bring their meds in anticipation
    or request special seating nearest
    the closest exit. Sorry for your
    Wife's ( and friend's) experience.

  2. While I feel for people who are allergic to perfume, what about the rest of us who are allergic to the strong smell of urine. I don't know how many times I have been in the theater and been subjected to the strong smell of urine. Hopefully the seats gets a good cleaning every once in a while.


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