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Friday, December 20, 2013


That which was on the “other” blog about Eva Rachesky being “coerced” by Dave Israel to not allow political gatherings at the pools has been repeated in the January UCO Reporter in a paid political ad by the Committee to Elect Esther Sutosfky UCO President, in a piece written by Esther. See page B6. It is in caps and reads:


How interesting…. Except that any such culpability is denied not only by Dave, but also by Eva Rachesky in the same issue of the newspaper. From her column on page A20:

“I have been watching the political climate in Century Village and cannot help but shake my head at the unpleasantness of it all. Though I remain neutral, I must set something right as I recently came across my name in a post on a blog. It stated that I was coerced by Dave Israel to stop all political rallies at the WPRF pool areas. I am going on record to say that is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. I oversee the Recreational Facilities for WPRF, and there is nothing recreational about politics at the WPRF pool areas. I upheld that policy at the DeerīŦeld Century Village® for the seven (7) years I was there, and I will uphold it here as well. The lesson to be learned: do not assume that everything you hear or read is true.”

To me this is just another example of the false, exaggerated and misleading charges coming from this “vocal minority” mounting Esther’s campaign. And just another reason to doubt ANYTHING they say.


  1. Hi all,

    For the Record: the concept that there is any sort of coercion between WPRF and UCO, is ludicrous to a fault!

    In fact, unlike the previous Administration, the level of cooperation between WPRF and UCO has never been higher, and such is highly beneficial to the Village.

    There is more to come, as I have had preliminary discussion with Mark Levy regarding the problem of delinquencies and foreclosures; a joint Committee will soon be born which will address the problem of asset recovery and rehabilitation.

    The folks who aspire to power and the return to their version of the "good old days" are naught but a divisive minority whose stock in trade, is name calling, meeting busting, Bylaw violating, law suit filing and are obstructive of any attempt to move forward in a productive manner.

    Those who have responsibility for nothing can and will say anything, to divide the Village and prevent orderly Government.

    All one need do is read their Web Site, to see their true agenda.

    Dave Israel

  2. From all I hear, relations between UCO and WPRF are VERY GOOD, certainly better than they were before Dave Israel became UCO president. I remember those earlier days. All too often an adversarial relationship prevailed, and certain people clamored to sue WPRF. They didn't seem to recognize that WPRF is a legitimate business enterprise, and as such it is entitled to make a decent profit.

    How much better when entities such as UCO and WPRF can get along, as they have under Dave Israel's and Eva Rachesky's leadership. How much nicer to have a pleasant working arrangement. And how much more can then be accomplished.

    I believe you are on the right track, Dave, and we are all the better off for it.

  3. Lanny:
    I am so TIRED of hearing "The Candidate Select",in addition to
    the other named individuals, those
    that have identified themselves
    and those who HIDE under COVER...(Eduardo,for one) with their rhetoric! How anyone can possibly
    suggest "Coercion" exists between
    UCO&WPRF is in dire need of immediate medical(mental) attention...

  4. I'm getting pretty tired of it all, too, BettieL, although I wouldn't even grace Olga's latest tirade by calling it rhetoric. It is obviously still a bone in her throat that back many months ago she wasn't allowed to put her flyers on the table outside the auditorium during a delegates meeting.

    Olga makes little sense in arguing that the “parameters” of the delegates meeting are the auditorium itself. Says who? Delegates register at long tables outside the auditorium, and notices pertinent to the meeting are placed on a table in the same area. This is certainly all part of the meeting “zone," if there is one.

    As for “allowed” notices, they pertain almost entirely to the meeting itself or are literature from the guest speakers. Shall every Tom, Dick and Harry have the right to place whatever he wants on the table? Of course not. This is never done, at least where any kind of normal control is exercised.

    And of course Eva might refer to the meeting as “David’s meeting.” He was, after all, the UCO president and moderator of the meeting. What more natural than to say this?

    This is a tempest in a teapot.

  5. I addressed him by his real name once- he basically asked me "who is tihs Mr. Ross that you speak of?".

    It was like the scene from the Wizard of Oz-" pay no attention to the man behind the curtain- he is of no importance!".

  6. Grace & Don
    It was apparent from the onset..
    however,he thought & still does
    he's pulling "A Fast One"..Unlike
    some of the other's who post under
    their given names, he is nothing more than a "Coward"..
    We all know his sources of Info.
    some of which sit& smirk on stage
    at the DA..Nothing is slipping by..

  7. Edwardo won't stand up and let people know who he is... (he supposedly doesn't live here either, not that it matters. He isn't in office), But he sure has a lot to say. Most of it is libel and if he reveals himself, he will find himself in the same situation he has allegedly put others in. Court.


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