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Saturday, January 4, 2014


A comment was made at our Delegate Assembly meeting about a renter on the Wi-Fi committee, being a violation of our Bylaws. This comment was ill informed as to the content of the Bylaw. The following is noted, extracted from Article VIII  A - 2).
2. The President, with the advice and consent of the Officers' 

Committee, may appoint

 UCO Members and/or the Licensed Property Manager as 

members of all such committees, 

with the exception of the Officers’ Committee. The Licensed

 Community Association 

Manager (LCAM) shall not be a voting member of any

 committee. Committees thus formed 

may seek advice from whomever they desire, but may not

 incur any expense or obligate 

UCO for any expenditure without prior authorization, and 

subject to the provisions of Article 

VIII, Paragraph C 3.

Anitra Kraus, is a subject expert in matters of importance to 

the Wi-Fi committee from whom we obtain much important 

Dave Israel


  1. I want to say that even though I have been working with the Wi-Fi committee, I am not a member of UCO. Just because I am on the committee does not make me a member of UCO as is stated in another blog. Dee Albert from WPRF was also very active with the committee up to the point of the RFP going out. That did not make her a member of UCO. We do not have a vote when the time comes. We are only there to pick our brains. I am only doing the work I am because no owner has come forward willing and able to do the work I do

  2. Well said,Anitra and well done. I will be very happy when the Village has WiFi. I have it in my house and it is great! Keep up the good work! You don't have to answer to the malcontents. They are against all that is good for the Village and you are very good for this Village.

  3. A malcontent letter said they wanted to tap into all the talent in the village, but apparently they are tossing out renters. Renter Anitra works for UCO, WiFi, the Reporter, brought free Thanksgiving meals for the needy, and probably more that I do not know - Malcontents abuse her and want her out! They also abuse productive knowledgeable volunteer workers at UCO. Who would be left, Welcome Scammers!

  4. This the second time you have been picked on, Anitra, the first being at a UCO Reporter editorial board meeting when Esther S. became fiercely critical of an article in the UCO Reporter about a newly formed committee or club. You had written the article, and afterward in considering it, the Reporter staff could find virtually NOTHING amiss in it, and the editors said so in a subsequent piece. It was straight, non-biased reporting. In fact, you could have said a thing or two about the club meeting that would have been legitimate news reflecting negatively on the club, and you did not.

    I feel bad for you because you have done the best you could for the Village when working at the Reporter and in assisting the Wi-Fi committee, and your best has been EXCELLENT. You are due thanks, not criticism for your help to this Village. My heart went out to you when you got up at the delegates meeting and said (as you said concerning the newspaper piece), "I am the one in question," then added, I am only attending the Wi-Fi meetings in order to lend my expertise, AND I DO NOT VOTE [my emphasis].

    You may be a renter, but you are NOT a second class person here as some have suggested, Anitra, You are first class, and I thank you for all you have done for us.

  5. The attacks on Anitra remind me of the Army/McCarthy hearings, when McCarthy picked on a young lawyer working for the firm representing the Army.

    Welch, the young lawyers' boss, said to McCarthy- "You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?".

    That was it for McCarthy. He was finished. And so is the campaign of this "candidate" and her self-appointed "minister of information". Nobody likes a bully who singles out and embarrasses good people.

    That sort of behavior is, truly, indecent.

  6. Nor a liar. And Olga is a LIAR. Plain and simple. she needs to stop listening to those voices in her head and start using just the ears.

  7. Here's an interesting thing on the "other" blog. Esther Sutofsky's latest post, "On Being Right," for the first time acknowledges that one of my friend Eduardo's many derogatory posts (this one on "Booby Bob") is over the top. Rather than be outright critical of Eduardo's post, however, she defends it on the grounds that he was "driven" to being so vehement and foul-mouthed. Of course!

    But we get the point: It seems Esther herself is realizing that all the accusations and foul language on their blog DON'T LOOK GOOD and are putting people off (people who might otherwise vote for her?).

    Seems like a step in the right direction––rein in these loose cannons who express their thoughts in such vile and hateful language. But the change of tune is coming very late in the game and smacks too much of self-interest and desperation for me ("C'mon you guys, I need to get elected!").

  8. Hi Grace,

    Thank you, I’ve thought for some time and been told by others that Eduardo is Ed Ross, which, if true, I must say amuses me (and probably amuses Eduardo), because for an Ed to be calling himself Eduardo is hardly the way to disguise who one is.

    But it doesn’t matter to me if he is Ed Ross. No one in the “other camp” is my enemy. I don’t agree with most of what they say in being critical of Dave Israel’s administration, and it is a sad commentary that so much of what they say on the other blog is so vile (though WE might watch what we say in this respect, as well). When there IS an element of truth to their charges, I think they are most of the time majoring on the minor. No administration is going to be mistake-free, and we all have those times when we pop off or say the cruel word. So I have been on Dave’s side and tried in my blog posts and comments to defend him. I think he––and others with him such as Ed Black––have done great things for this Village. I hope Dave is reelected for another two years in March.

    But I don’t want to cross the line to be hating anyone in the other camp. Not Eduardo or Olga or anyone.

    Eduardo has called you and me and several others “bigoted cockroaches.” That’s okay by me (I don't mean to speak for others). I am considering it rather an honor at this point to belong to the Benevolent Order of the Bigoted Cockroaches. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

    There’s nothing wrong with slugging it out with these folk on the other side. We disagree. Hopefully we can do so without being too insulting and hopefully we don’t really wound anyone. And hopefully at the end of the day we can call one another “friend”––whether Eduardo or Ed Ross. Or Shorty. Now that’s the blog name I should have taken for myself: Shorty. But shucks, it’s already taken.

  9. who ever he is, he is nothing but a coward that must hide behind a made up name and a skirt. If it is him, then like his 'friend", he doesn't live here either. He may own a place, but his deceitful ways will come out.


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