This Is our Village

Friday, January 3, 2014

Am I upset that Olga told me to shut up at the Delegate Assembly this morning? No, not at all. What else can anyone expect from Olga. I stated a truth that she did not like, "Dorothy Tetro does not live here". That just goes to show what we can expect from these people. Don't like the truth then stomp it out. That is Olga!


  1. Grace, I expect that the invective will get worse and louder as the election grows closer and the frustration level builds. Keep them talking and typing- reasonable people are watching all of this, and nobody thinks it's a good thing.

    Meanwhile, the real business of the Village goes on and the rest becomes a sideshow,

  2. Grace
    She continues to Dig the hole
    deeper each time she opens her mouth,with her lies and distortions.
    I echo Don's comments.

  3. It already has. She has gone so far as saying that I shouted something at the assembly wishing her dead. LIES. That is all that deranged person can do. She must be listening to the voices in her head. It's called schizophrenia. Olga, I know it's hard for you to tell the difference between the voices in your head and actual vocal interaction, but please do yourself a favor (and the rest of us) and get back on your meds.


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