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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I get amused that the people on "that other blog" take everything written on here and give the credit to Dave Israel. Did he write first about everything they disagree with? I think not.
But...Dave IS their main target, so I guess it is good propaganda to blame him for everything wrong with the village... familiar tactics.
Maybe they will go to his home and break his glass windows next, isn't that how it historically progresses?
Are they getting the tar and feathers ready next?
Shorty writes
There is a sign on Haverhill Road which reads:
"Take back our Village"
It has been said that it refers back to the JEWS wanting to take over Century Village as it originally was many years ago.
Does this mean the JEWS want Century Village back?
Well then how about something else in that respect.
It says right on the top in his Heading.
or below that it then says: Direct link to part two -
In the side bar it says: "History made in Our Village" or "Creation of Our Village Blog".
OK folks, Is this OK for David Israel to say, write and use the term "OUR VILLAGE"? Is he David Israel referring to the JEWS taking over Century Village also?
This expression has been used over and over by David Israel on his private Blog.

It's pretty simple Shorty... one is the internet, and the other is a house of worship.
On this blog, you can get information that can be vital for your home and property. You can find out what to do in case of a hurricane, where to find help for various things, see the delegate assembly meeting you may have missed or even some other meetings. It is an information resource for ALL Century Villagers. It has many valuable links to various resources to make life a little easier, get you headed in the right direction whenever you have a problem with something in your condo.
At the Temple, or house of worship, that is to commune with God. It is to commune with each other while worshiping GOD Almighty. 


  1. Hi Bob,
    That sign, by way of it's color scheme, is designed to rouse the most vile of ethnic hatred; and thus divide the Village.

    The "black on yellow" is deliberately selected to stir these visceral divisions.

    Members of my family wore these black on yellow stars and marched into the "showers" with them.

    This not so subtle selection of color on that sign is revolting to all who remember the dark times and the history that those colors recall.

    That the Rabbi would allow it to occur is beyond all comprehension.

    That George allows it; is business as usual!

    Dave Israel

  2. I agree. It is time for the old UCO crowd of the late 2000s who are working behind the scenes as usual to move on-or get out of CV.

  3. If you have wondered why Century Village was primarily Jewish -- here's the scoop. Beginning with 1970, this is why. At that particular time, Red Buttons was used in ads to sell Century Village and Management brought busloads up from Miami Beach where most people there were from the New York boroughs -- primarily Brooklyn. They were given lunch and the grand tour of CV, and sales sky rocketed. The sales office was so busy that it was said to resemble a bakery where you had to take a number to be served. Over the years, we have been witness to many changes and this is the way it will stay.

  4. It's amazing the reaction received after I wrote on the blog IT'S INAPPROPIATE about the banner posted on the fence of the Temple. Every time I pass it by, chills go through me. My husband, Ernest Boehm, was a holocaust surviver who wore the yellow star that David refers to. How dare anyone refer to us with nasty, negative names such as have appeared in various writings. It is abusive, vicious, cruel, venomous, and nasty. It is certainly uncalled for.


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