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Friday, January 10, 2014

Area code 212 not necessarily from NYC

Yesterday I received a phone call from 212- 077-1180..It appeared on my caller ID as"Name not Found"
I did answer the call, and the Asian Female at the other end, asked for me by name, to which I responded
Who is calling, and she proceeded to inform me that there was problems with my she
continued to speak rapidly, I informed her that I had no idea of what she was saying, and at that
point she hung up...Earlier in the day, I had a computer related problem, which was resolved by the
software company that provides me with Virus protection and at first I thought the above call was
a Courtesy Call Back....however, I realized it was not,before disclosing any information on my part.
I then placed a call to AT&T ( my provider) and inquired if in fact that call originated from NYC
After sometime she came back to inform me that this call  DID NOT originate not only from NYC
but was from OUT OF THE COUNTRY....the second set of 3 numbers,  077, indicated it was
placed from a FOREIGN country.  She further explained that all US calls do not begin with a
ZERO OR ONE.. Hopefully this information will prevent someone's computer from being "Hacked"
In conclusion I would suggest you check with your provider, should you receive any suspicious calls.

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