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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shame on some drivers here in Century village

On Tuesday,the 28th of Jan., about 11:15AM,I was at the stop sign at the Somerset  A-I exit to
to make a left on the main road. Across from me from the Andover side a man with a seeing eye dog was waiting to cross. 10 CARS PASSED ,GOING WEST ON THE MAIN ROAD AND NONE STOPPED FOR HIM!!!!
It is against the law not to stop for a physically challenged pedestrian. what did he have to show , having the seeing eye dog to be given the curtisey of crossing to go onto the pedestrian walk.
SHAME,SHAME,SHAME ON EACH OF THE DRIVERS. I'm sorry i was not in a position to take numbers.
Where is the "community" we are working to develop in our "golden years"??
Please pass this on to your e-mail friends.

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