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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The upcoming 5K run has lost a great opportunity to really make a difference, all thanks to a few closed minded people. I am speaking of an association that I am personally involved with that was originally invited to participate and was later asked not to.
I am Speaking of The Combat Veterans Association. We were originally asked to take lead on this run. Our groups mission is Vets Helping Vets. We will do various things like riding our motorcycles in support of Veterans causes. Raising money to help Vets and their families and providing assistance when needed.
A good example would be a vet we call Spence. He had a horrific accident vs. a semi. He was in a coma, awoke and when ready to go home, we assisted in making his home handicap accessible, assisted his family to put up Christmas decorations for his homecoming, got him a hospital bed and escorted his homecoming.
We are currently raising money to assist with his medical bills, gave him an electric wheelchair. The latter coming out of my own pocket.
In shunning this fine organization, the run lost out on as much as a thousand dollars in donations.
Shame to you closed and little minded people that didn't want motorcycles or as I heard it put, "a motorcycle gang" involved in such a good cause.
The Combat Veterans Association is a legitimate not for profit group of Veterans and their families that HELP Vets. I am disgusted at this and although I do not blame it's organizers nor WPRF, I have asked to be removed from the assignment of photographing and writing the story for the Reporter and was initially denied. The story has been reassigned now, and now I choose to completely boycott the event. It is shameful that this is an event for Vets, and Vets were left out because of a few ignorant BIG MOUTHS.
My apologies to it's organizers as this is not meant to be a reflection of their fine work, but for me, I choose to remain distant from the stupidity and prejudice of the naysayers. Good luck.

Spence, coming home after 5-6 months in the hospital escorted by The Combat Veterans Association, now faces amputation of one of his legs. CVA is raising funds to help his family.  VETS HELPING VETS.


  1. Are runners restricted to Century village people?

  2. don't know for sure, but doubt it.

  3. Just in case anyone might be interested, Spence, the vet I spoke of is scheduled to have his leg amputated in the 11th. Please keep him in your prayers.

  4. Spence will definitely be on my prayer list..But the run will still benefit the veterans of WPB and boycotting doesn't make sense because of a few....Think it over...

  5. Hi Barbara,
    February 6, 2014 at 9:19 PM,

    Nothing prevents the Combat Veteran motorcycle riders from participating on foot.

    There was some issues with the motorcycles such as smoke, and noise and Insurance.

    Absolutely no discrimination is intended, and they are most welcome to join in, just park the bikes, just like the cars.

    Dave Israel


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