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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pot Holes on Okeechobee service road

Can someone please tell me who's responsible for the service road on Okeechobee blvd?
The potholes are getting bigger and the county claims that it is a "private road"


  1. Well that was interesting, I copied from Property Assessor maps, the biggest block on the corner of West Drive and Okeechobee is NFR ECP I 3333 OKEECHOBEE TURNPIKE LLC (you could write to them in Torrance CA.)
    Then next to grassy area PALM BEACH COUNTY,
    then next to bank NOBLE NET LEASE IIIC LLC,
    then next to library PALM BEACH COUNTY.

  2. For what it is worth, these potholes get worse and worse, and then they get filled in and are okay for a little while. I suspect if they're real bad right now, they'll get filled in pretty soon, or the worst one or two will be filled in. What they do never lasts.

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  4. Maybe you could call Commissioner Burdick and she could help or advise you.

  5. This has been an ongoing problem for over 20 years. Everyone claims it is someone else's responsibility. At one time the bank property owner was approached to do their part and refused to do anything. When these potholes fill with water and can't be seen, they are a great danger and can damage cars and cause accidents. I think the suggestion to contact Commissioner Burdick is a good one because someone needs to do lasting repairs on this well traveled road that stretches all the way around from the library to CV.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions, I've contacted commissioner Burdick and awaiting her reply.

  7. Paulette Burdick P.
    10:23 AM (57 minutes ago)

    to Peyton, me, Roland
    Hello Mr. Benson,

    Thank you for sharing your concern with me.

    Unfortunately, the service road on the north side of Okeechobee Blvd. is a private road rather than a county or state road. The individual property owners just north of the service road are responsible for its maintenance. Most of the businesses north of the service road lease their property from the actual property owners.

    By copy of this E-mail, I will ask Mr. Ramsay Buckeley, Director of Code Enforcement, to review this problem to determine what we can do to resolve this situation.

    I would also urge you to express your displeasure to the businesses north of the service road. They may have more influence with the property owner.


    Paulette Burdick
    Vice Mayor
    County Commissioner - District Two

  8. Peyton has been furnished with photos of the 3 worst holes, which are clearly (to me and PAPA) on County property. Cross fingers and dodge holes.

  9. The County is filling their potholes right now, congrats to us, those who bugged Paulette Burdick, Peyton McArthur, and Dom who went to 3 depts in Planning & Zoning. ps they can only fill County holes, not the Noble Co etc. this work gets the worst ones.


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