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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Resident's are being asked to participate in a Survey regarding the current practice of "Evening"
showings of weekly movies...Currently the movies are shown Monday & Thursday evenings.
however, in the past, various Officer's of UCO, have suggested "Switching Monday night's
showing to Friday Night...
To have a movie shown on TWO consecutive night's, in my opinion makes no sense,
in addition, what sort of an impact will this have on Friday Night's Karaoke?
Many of our Resident's enjoy attending Friday Night's Karaoke, they socialize, dance & sing
from 6 to 9....they arrive and leave at their convenience...
I believe the schedule should remain "As is"  How about you????
(The survey is available at the "Staff Office" a/k/a the "Ticket Office" in the lobby of the


  1. I think that Monday night is a perfect night for the movies. I would not go on Friday nights as I do other things Friday nights. Why is it that when things are going well some people want to muck it up.

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  3. I agree with bettie and grace..It would be foolish to move the movie to friday when most people enjoy karoake. I believe most people enjoy things the way they are.

  4. Agreed, Friday is already the busiest night of the week. tonight - Monday was nuthin' no football!

  5. I would like to know the names of the officers that want to change the Monday to Friday so I will know who not to vote for. This is very important.

  6. VP Marcia Ziccardy presented this
    as a "Suggestion" at the last Operation's meeting to WPRF..
    It obiviously morphed into a
    "Survey"...If possible,each resident owner, should make a
    "concerted" effort to attend
    both "Op's & Officer's" monthly meetings,to fully absorb the various "Suggestions" offered by both elected & appointed individuals.

  7. I would like to know the names of the officers that want to not use the transponder 12 - 6 am. so I will know who not to vote for. This is very important.
    Also who voted to put the transponder lane in IF IT IS NOT SAFE!

  8. Clarence H = Some still have the
    2nd yr. to serve..John Gluszack VP
    is running again(His suggestion)

  9. Marcia was approached by residents to trade the Mon. night or Thurs. night movie for Fri. nights to provide an alternate place to go on a Fri. night. The survey is meant to find how many would be in favor of this change.


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