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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Web Site for Century Village Theater

Anyone know the URL for the Century Village Theater comments?  I posted on the wrong site and opened the flood gates of protest.  Thanks.


  1. Phone the Clubhouse define what you want. Top of the Cenvill entertainment team is Abbey Koffler

  2. Hi CaptStu,


    See if that gets you close.

    Dave Israel

  3. I Keep this as a shortcut on my browser,

  4. Sorry, I guess I'm not communicating: Before each show, the announcer requests we visit the Century Village Facebook Page. He, this blog, and members of the office staff directed me to the sites listed above - all valid pointers to various web pages.

    I'm looking for the FACEBOOK name of the Century Village Theater in West Palm.

    The URL provided at the last show pointed to a valid web site, but not a facebook page.


  5. I took a wild FB guess and found
    Actually it can tell you what other Century villages thought of shows before we get them.

  6. I was told not leave any negative comments on the FB blog! So, I only visit the site when I have something positive about the show I've seen.

  7. Hi Concerned, other people did not get the memo. See "Bill K/ Will somebody please take that flute away from the blond? This was the worst show we've seen in the past 4 years." + others.
    What would be the point of puffery + puffery. Oh yeah, sell tickets.


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