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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I just got back from the bridge between Stratford and Chatham.  There is a sign posted not to feed the wildlife.  I stopped a couple feeding the ducks and pointed to the sign.  They said they couldn't understand because they have been watching people feed the birds all week.  I explained to them that they are doing more harm to the birds than good and making them depend on us for food.  Also, these birds cross the street and cause traffic problems that can also harm them.  For those of you out there, if you love animals like I do, please let them fend for themselves as nature attended them to.


  1. The big black ducks are a non-native, non-migratory, domestic breed originally placed on the property by the Developer circa 1968.

    As domestic, or barnyard animals, they are indeed "dependent on us" for food, as selective breeding has impaired their ability to fly long distances. The original generations could hardly fly at all.

    Of course, a steady diet of cheese doodles and stale bialys is probably not the best way to feed a duck.

  2. Point well taken Don. However, the problem is every person who is so inclined feed the birds at their convenience. Accordingly, throughout the day and evening hours, well intentioned folks who do not know better, ignore the signs and feed the black ducks, egrets, heron and alike with table scraps, stale bread, and who knows what else. The birds do not know if and when the next meal will come from so they continue to pack in the scraps. I have seen a couple of the birds were killed by passing cars along the North Drive. The birds wander up to the walkway and roadway to take part in the handouts. Next thing you know they are in the roadway. Furthermore, I doubt there could be anything worse for wild birds than processed flour in white bread. Yet, time and time again, I see the same folks feeding them. This behavior (by the humans) is ever growing at CV. Don't feed the birds - No problem - No enforcement. No pets- no problem - no enforcement - Rental requirements - No problem

  3. I have given up asking people to stop feeding the ducks. I've been cursed at and told to mind my own business. And yes I see them crossing the road and some cars barely slow down.


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