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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Response to Olga's Rant On the Other Blog

I wrote a similar response to Olga's rant on the Goose and Gander. Of course it was not printed. Too truthful for them. The reason that Dorothy Tetro could not be nominated for Treasurer was that she was no longer a resident of the village and by the by laws could not be our treasurer. Why would we want to have a treasurer who does not live here handling our money??


  1. Hi Grace- the Recall Committees' decision on Ms. Tetros' residency is on record. But I don't think that this decision supports or opposes Ms. Wolkensteins' argument.

    Olga presents two situations as being alike but actually, they are not. Each situation involves a different section of UCO Bylaws.

    In February, Ms. Tetro was nominated from the floor for election to UCO office. Bylaw requires the nominee to accept nomination in person. Presiding Officers' ruling, to reject the nomination, was correct.

    Last Friday, the matter referred to by Olga was an appointment by the Officers Committee to fill an unexpired term, followed by ratification by the Delegate Assembly. Appointments by the Officers Committee do not require public acceptance by the appointee. Olgas' comparison was rejected, and her objection was overruled, again, correctly.

    Dorothy was a nominee. Dominick is an appointee. Two different things. Not the same.

  2. Yes Don, not only - Bylaw requires the nominee to accept nomination in person, but Ms Tetro would have to answer that pesky question in person "do you reside in CV more than 9 months of the year?"

  3. Thanks for the clear explanation, Don4060. I wondered about this myself at the meeting, and afterward someone told a few of us essentially what you explained. Apparently Olga just vents on the "other" blog before checking, but that seems to be the rule rather than the exception over there. It's why I now give them almost zero credence.

  4. Yes, the other blog continues to rehash past delusions, paranoia, sow dissent and spread false rumors. They are a mess.

  5. No comparison between an "Nominee"
    and "Apointee" but then again,
    consider the source~


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