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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Intersection of Borden St. and Century Blvd. Dilemma

Why in the world are people wanting to change what has been the same for the last forty years at the Intersection of Borden St. and Century Blvd! I and many other people use that all the time. You just need to be careful , like any where in the village. There are problems at all intersections here in the village with probably more problems at those . Leave it the way it is now !


  1. Hi Marc,

    This issue has arisen due to some significant accidents at that intersection.

    Closure of the median strip was recommended by a professional traffic engineer, so we need to give this some serious consideration.

    As always,the will of the Delegates prevail.

    Dave Israel

  2. You are wise to consider this change Dave. As we all know too too well, just because something was done (or not done) at CV for 40+ years has little bearing on whether it was the correct thing.

  3. I think it was a wise decision to have this be temporary, as an experiment. Traffic can exit Borden and turn right, I see from Dom G's sketch in the May Reporter. If these motorists want to go out the Haverhill gate, they will have to get in the left lane of Century Boulevard very quickly (maybe causing an accident) and then make a U-turn at the 4-way intersection, making things all the more confusing there.

    In addition, traffic that chooses to exit the area by taking Bath and making a left turn onto East Drive will have the double trouble of making that left turn and having to deal with the four corners traffic.

    The temporary fix relieves the double stop problem but would seem to create other problems. Stay tuned!

  4. Lanny,

    Thank you for your excellent description of what I don't want to deal with at the four corner intersection. I want to continue to exit onto Haverhill. This will cause more problems in our quadrant of the village!

  5. Why don't you just make it a 3-Way stop?

  6. Because not everybody pays attention to signs around here.

  7. True! We need 4 feet by 4 feet STOP signs because too many drivers in the village do not see the existing STOP signs.
    A 3-way STOP signs may well be the solution at Borden & CV Blvd. Why not try it before making other changes?

  8. I am not clear on what Clarence H and Mariel Lauzon want. There are TWO intersections where Borden meets Century Boulevard, one at CV Boulevard outbound and one at CV Boulevard inbound. So far as I can see, it is only POSSIBLE for there to be two stop signs at CV Boulevard outbound, and the two are already there.

    At CV Boulevard inbound I believe there is one stop sign, affecting only southbound Borden traffic. It would be possible for two more stop signs to be erected at this intersection--one for inbound CV Boulevard traffic and one for northbound Borden traffic. Is this where you would propose the three stop signs?

    If so, wouldn't the same problem that now exists at the intersection of CV Boulevard outbound and Borden still exist?

  9. Lanny - You have a divided Century street going East and West and Borden going South, at that intersection. That is the 3-way stop, that's what I am talking about

  10. Clarence, I am going to have to pick you up and drive you out there so you can show me what you mean, or perhaps vice versa. I only hope we don't get in an accident. Maybe we should just seal off this whole block of condos so there's no way out and no way in, except perhaps by Batmobile entrance or stepping over the broken fence.


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