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Sunday, May 11, 2014


The demeaning, utterly contemptible and vile language used the other day at the Reporter office against Joy Vestal was unconscionable. No one should have to be subject to that on the part of a grown woman who should know better. Worse yet, the offender offers no apology for using such language, but instead goes on the other blog and is almost self-congratulatory about it. Her attitude is “smirking” for what she got away with. Worse still, this woman’s friend, a recent candidate for election to a high UCO office, defends her conduct!

What does this say for both women? Do we want these kind of people in office or on committees and boards?

Joy Vestal does not deserve this. May you have a Happy Mother’s Day, Joy. There are some of us who appreciate you for yourself and all you have done for this Village. May the thought of this fill your heart this day and not what you were subjected to at the office the other day.


  1. Excellent points Lanny. And no one should want these horrible people on any UCO committee. Even having them live in CV is awful enough.

  2. Hi Lanny,
    We have had similar repugnance from OW in the past involving Syd Kronish, and more recently Bob Rivera.

    The key is to make a police report the same day as the event, as the paper trail is developed, a restraining order will be obtained.

    Dave Israel

  3. It's easy for someone to defend Olga's actions when all they hear is her side of the story. They only hear or want to hear her side. Not so for those of us that were there. Olga's actions were unforgivably vile and completely uncalled for.
    Can you walk into the New York Tiimes or the Sun Sentinel and demand that they print something you wrote? I think not. For her to come in demanding that we print something she wrote is not only outrageous, but uncalled for.
    Of course anyone coming to Joy's defense will undoubtedly be targeted from now on, so let me go ahead and paint the target on my back now and get it over with.
    Olga, you were wrong! You owe joy Vestal an apology.
    As far as I am concerned, you should be banned from UCO and all UCO functions for a period of no less than one, and no more than five years. With reinstatement possible after attending Charm School.
    Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, grand moms and great grand moms out there..

  4. Bob Rivera: Well said. No one should be subject to abusive, controlling & manipulative people who think being nasty will get them anywhere. Stand up to these persons calmly & tell them to get a life. If not happy where one resides, then one should move on & leave the rest of us to enjoy our retirement in relative peace.

  5. OW loves this , bad publicity is better than none!

  6. You are right, Bob. No one has a "right" to have their stuff published in the Reporter except perhaps for the regular column space given to the UCO president and vice presidents and a few others--and even those are subject to change.

    There are 14,000 residents here who might like a chance to write an article. Perhaps "X" would like to wait in the line of 14,000 for her turn to come up again? Say in the year 2075?

    The sheer cheek of EXPECTING publication anytime about anything is laughable. Except it is not a laughing matter when the offender uses such vile language in directly insulting the person of the coeditor and then threatens her with "dire consequences." Assault requires no physical contact, and this comes very close to it in my non-legal opinion.


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