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Friday, May 30, 2014

Poor John

As posted on my blog also:
Former vice president Gluszak sent in the following letter to the Reporter,

"We have to believe it. At the Delegates Meeting on Friday, May 2, 2014, reports were made by UCO  Vice Presidents, as follows: V.P. Dom — changing light bulbs in the village and possibly to close Borden Crossover never mentioning what is happening with the downed fence before gate. V.P. Marcia — quadrant V.P. for above section; never mentioning fence. V.P. Joy — Working two jobs, she thanks Bob Marshall for helping. Little does she realize that she is taking a shopping day away from him @ Costco. V.P. Bob — Nothing to report, not even the fence.Where is our CAM that we pay over $70,000 yearly about this situation with the fence?Security (what Security?) — people lock your cars and Condos to protect yourself.There is a new Club in town called NAS that stands for “Neighbor  Against Stupidity”.
— John Gluszak, Ex-Vice President"

Johnny, maybe the whole thing about the fence just doesn't get through. Here you are complaining that it wasn't mentioned, but the fence was fixed withing days of the meeting. Did it ever cross your mind that maybe, just maybe, it was already in the works?
C'mon John, here you are complaining about Joy working two jobs and Bob going to Costco and paying our CAM $70k a year and Dom talking about lightbulbs and closing Borden crossover.
First let me point out, the CAM makes over 70K a year and we are lucky to get him so cheap. That job is easily a 125k per yr job. He took a huge paycut to come to CV. We got off easy there. We should be thankful that he is here.
Joy working two jobs? Yep, and doing them both pretty well. She does a hell of a lot more than just getting the transponder lane closed at night or getting a pothole filled.
Dom and the lights, well there is a need for brighter lights in some areas and switching to LED lights fulfills that need and the operating cost will offset the cost to change over in time.
As far as Bob going to Costco, well I am sure that what he shops for is no business of yours. Are you jealous that he can go?
Ya'know John, there is a reason that you are an EX-VP. You can't base your whole re-election campaign on just closing the lane and filling a pothole... and bouncing back and forth between the two sides didn't help you very much either..
New club in town? Before you go criticizing these officers, remember one thing...They have accomplished more in five months than you had in a year. As a matter of fact, I can't think of anything you did but close the transponder lane and fill a pothole by the Camden Pool. Please John, if you don't have anything intelligent to say, don't say anything... you may wind up as the poster boy for your own club.

Last thought on the subject: John, if you are prepared to dish it out, be prepared to take it.


  1. Well said Bob. John did nothing as far I could see other than as you reported closing the transponder in the late evenings. Now it's time for him to join some committees and help continue the good work in the village.

  2. My recollection from the delegates meeting is that repair of the fence just inside the Haverhill gate on the north side was already a part of work that UCO and our CAM were trying to arrange. Howie Silver argued that the fence repair portion of this work was urgent and needed to be put on a fast track, not await completed negotiations on the other matters. He introduced a motion to go ahead immediately with the fence repair, and it was approved overwhelmingly at the meeting. It isn't as though UCO personnel were disregarding the matter of the fence. By the end of the meeting it was understood that fixing the fence would be done right away, and it was.

  3. Thanks Bob for making this clear. John G. was out of line and it is also good that is is out as anything to do with UCO.

  4. Hi all,
    I believe that charming letter was actually published.

    Prior to publication, it should have been translated from what appears to be Seljuk Turk

    Dave Israel

  5. Every property or facility has a bidding and procurement process. This necessary process creates a hang time between discovering a thing that needs doing, and getting the thing done.

    There are always spots that are, usually because of their location, sensitive. Approach ways and high traffic areas are obvious examples, and the regular process should be shortcutted in these areas.

    This is where the observant PM and resourceful onsite handyman earn their paychecks. "See it, figure it out, fix it."

    I think this is the point Mr. Silver was trying to make at last month's DA. That gate is our front porch. We receive visitors there, and Agents bring prospective residents through there as well.


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