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Saturday, May 10, 2014

There are many types of passes issued to visitors, renters, live ins, co-owners, and others occupying apartments... gate passes from UCO, ID passes from WPRF, living here companion passes, health aide living in companion passes and many more types.
 It would be advantageous to have a list of all of the passes issued whether by UCO or WPRF and what documents are needed to obtain them. How about printing a list of what is needed and for how long the pass would be applicable?
Have an article and a list of all passes published in the REPORTER or publish it here so that when we are asked about passes, we know what to answer the questioneer correctly. We won't have to say "go to UCO or WPRF and ask them."


  1. Hi Roberta. I think yours is a good idea. I remembering interviewing someone in WPRF a few years ago for an article in the Reporter, and the matter of issuance of passes came up. I don’t remember how much was said about the passes in the article, but it could not have been much, and the info would not be up to date now. I do remember, as you point out, there were many different KINDS of passes (more than I had ever heard of, some for special circumstances the average resident would have no interest in).

    I agree it would be helpful to print something about this in the Reporter and perhaps do this from time to time. This would not be a substitute, however, for checking with WPRF or UCO for the latest information on the subject. Cost, length of coverage, and the terms do change.

  2. Both UCO and WPRF used to print a booklet describing their services. I think this information might have been in these booklets.

  3. Correctamundo Lanny. I looked at both brochures but there are so many 'ifs, details, and exceptions' I gave up on a simple list.

  4. Lanny, thanks for your answer. If there is more interest in the information, maybe the editors of the REPORTER or someone at UCO will take heed and publish a helpful list. So, all of you who would like to know, write your request here and we'll get the information about what passes are needed and how they are gotten.


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