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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wow, that was racist!

I usually try not to comment on what I read on the Lunatic Blog. Bad enough that I read it- no need to spread the venom unneccessarily.

Today was different. First, an essay on the resurgence of anti-semitism in Europe, followed by a crazed screed that described a Francophone Canadian Homeowner as a "frenchman" and "a member of a class who has a reputation for being parsimonious".

Pure, unrestrained racism. From a person who seems to revel in vulgarity, base scatological language and now, bigotry.

I know this person who was so unfairly and publically abused. He is kind, generous to a fault, and quite literally, a humanitarian. I cannot think of a person less deserving of this type of treatment.

If there is one place on Earth where this type of discourse will not be tolerated, it is Century Village. I am confident that my neighbors will not allow this awful behavior to stand. The person who published this trash must be made to understand that there is no place for bigotry here, and those that espouse such ideas forfeit their right to participate in our public life.

Freedom of speech has limits.

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  1. Hi Don4060,

    Yes, absolutely insensitive and repugnant.

    In the latest vile screed I see "and we all laughed"

    Well, let me make it clear, I never laughed at these foul racial references. even as a child!

    I suspect that those of us, who as adults laugh at such disgusting references are clearly described in various sections of the DSM-IV.

    Remember these public exhibitions of pure ignorance if any of these persons dare to run for Office in our Community again!

    Dave Israel


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