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Saturday, July 19, 2014


I Think the MALS might  have something there! I will be circulating a petition to name David I ( President For Life ). After this becomes a reality, the Village Elders will perform an exorcism to rid CV of the MALS . The petition will be circulated at all pools , bus stops and the local Publix. America ! Ain't it great!


  1. Mike, don't know who you are or if this is legit, that aside, As much as I respect David, I have even more for the democratic process. Should the residents of CV decide to elect him for another term, then that is their choice and it will be respected, but to come out and circulate a petition to elect someone as president for life is simply ridiculous. I support Dave and what he does, but it by no way means I support ANY president for life. I do not believe in term limits, I believe in letting the people choose whoever they want for an office. When someone comes along that I think may do a better job, they will have my vote.
    Until then, I will keep supporting the man or woman I believe to be right for this village.
    Don't make preposterous proposals that fuel the fire and split this village to shreds. Mike, I am not sure if I know you, nor if you are really Dave's supporter, but if you are, I urge you to put these petetions in their proper place, the circular file known as the trash. Dave has my support and many others, but not on this.
    This is doing nothing but giving the "Malcontents" fuel for their campaign to discredit those that are working hard for Century Village.
    Would David Israel have a chance at another term? Sure. At this point he would even have my support, but that doesn't mean it won't change in a year and a half. A lot can happen in that time, although I seriously doubt that there are many in the malcontent crew that can replace him. You never know, someone may come out of the woodwork and be somewhere in the middle. We'll see

  2. Hi all,
    To be unambiguously clear; I do not have any desire whatever to be "President for Life".

    I distinctly discourage any petition to that effect.

    Dave Israel

  3. Haaving read Mike's postings in the past, I would suggest " You all
    take this w/a grain of Salt"....

  4. Having read Mike's postings in the past, I would suggest " You all
    take this w/a whole salt lick"....
    for you city folks that's 20"x20"x20" or more hunk of salt.

  5. I hate umambiguity! Life is much more fun dealing in the absurd.


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