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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thank You Palm Beach Sheriff's Office!

Congratulations to UCO for having PBSO officers on duty during Delegate Meetings to arrest or eject unruly people from the meeting.  This was the calmest meeting in many months, as the "bad apples" were kept in check.  

Perhaps more people will now show up if the PBSO officers keep guard over these five or six people.  


  1. I see Esther went off the rails again this early morning. Such a spectacle she makes. Approaching Olga's status.

  2. I no longer read the "opposition" blogs on a regular basis, Plcruise, just once in a while. Regarding the PBSO guards at delegates meetings, I never saw them or even thought about them at the last meeting. It was the same for me after the Dan Gladstone outburst a couple of years ago, when the PBSO were engaged for the next meeting. They cause NO disruption that I've been aware of. Whether it was their presence that kept the malcontents from getting out of hand at the July meeting, I don't know. The "mals" spoke (went to the mike) plenty, but they behaved themselves. I would NOT remove the PBSO presence in the near-future, however. That would be too soon. Let those who need to reform prove themselves.


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