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Monday, August 4, 2014

3 Police Cars

9:38AM Monday August 4th. Just drove in the Haverhill entrance. There are 3 police cars near the laundry waiting to pull in cars for speeding. What a cash grab! You would think they have better places to wait for speeders, like outside the Village. Haverhill is a speedway but they come to the Village.


  1. Why shouldn't the police cars not be there, they are just doing their job. My husband often sees speeders passing the laundromat. They deserve to get speeding tickets. One day these same speeders will hit someone and what will you say to that. The traffic signs say 25 mph. I am glad to see the police cars in the village.

  2. How many police cars are needed to catch speeders? I think one not 3. 2 cars could have been outside the village catching speeders on Haverhill. I have been around the village since 1971 and in all that time have never heard of anyone being run down in the village.


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