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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Here is a snapshot of six cameras, 5 at different positions at the Okeechobee gate.
The five cameras at the gate, are wired into a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The frame at the lower right is from a camera at the Southampton area, this frame is near the pool, and the data from this camera is being transmitted to the DVR by Wi-Fi. Without Wi-Fi at the Southampton pool, the cost to move the camera data by trenching fiber optic cable, would be prohibitive; This camera is a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera, that is covering the entire length of the wall with the guitar center, the feed from this camera will be made available to PBSO.
Based on a study by PBSO, they recommend 19 more such cameras at strategic points throughout the Village. To transmit this data at reasonable costs, Wi-Fi is a prerequisite.
This is but one key value added feature provided by Village wide Wi-Fi, don't give up on real Wi-Fi.
Delegates, move it forward.
FYI - the photo in the middle on the bottom of the snapshot is from an IR (Infra-Red) camera, to capture license tags at night.
Dave Israel


New to CV said...

Love those cones! All dressed up and not camera shy.
Are we still wasting time debating the value of WI-FI?
Look: if present management would have suggested that each Association should get their own WI-FI, "some" people would have fought to the end to have a campus-wide WI-FI.

Don4060 said...

My original thought about this was that with a fully Wifi'ed Village, Residents would be able to access these feeds with a wireless Internet device attached to their televisions.

But, if these video feeds can be provided to PBSO, perhaps they can also be fed to Comcast and Channel 63. Then we would have live video from the entrance gates on our home televisions. Much simpler. Residents could see and verify their visitors when they arrive- an improvement over our current security arrangent, I think.

When I lived in an apartment building in Queens, visitors would buzz my intercom, then I would turn on channel three to see who it was. It was a good system, installed in the eighties to replace the Night Doorman. But the system depended on cables, first Master Antenna and, later on, Time Warner Cable.

This system was not doable here because of cost- installing and maintaining cable to all of the buildings. WiFi eliminates the physical cables and makes an in-home video security system possible.

For me, this would be worth two bucks a month, even if I did not own a computer or smartphone.

Grace said...

I had the same system in an apartment I lived in up north. You always knew who you were buzzing into the building. We don't have that system where I now live and I miss it.

Plcruise said...

Thanks for sharing these Dave. We need to move forward at CV, and not stay mired in the past. CV has put up with too many short sighted and self serving past UCO administrations--who are still trying to cause trouble for all of us even at this late date. Their time has passed, thank goodness.