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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Roads

Regardless of what Gary Olman says about me I stand by what I wrote. I was at the paving meetings, was Gary and Ed Ross, who knows. I have seen paving companies pave roads in my time. For a good job they dig up the old paving and start over. A make shift cheaper job as we delegates voted for was to pave over the old road and not dig down. The man from the paving company and I don't remember his name told us the cracks would come back where they were. They have. So Ed Ross, architect, should know how road work is done as is professed in Gary Olman's ramblings. We got what we paid for. Ed Ross doesn't even live here anymore. If people are laughing at my remarks I could not care less. A good laugh is healthy. Have one  me. I stand by what I said and recall from the paving meeting.


  1. Again, good points Grace. It does not matter to anyone (except 5 or 6 malcontents) what is said on the other blogs by a old retired AIA who does not live here.

  2. Of course Grace is correct I went to two town mtgs on paving plans, we were thoroughly informed on reflection cracks. I do not read toxic, fantasy blogs, by the useless, counterproductive little group. But I see their reflections. Sad.

  3. Hi all,

    In the sidebar of this BLOG is a link to 30 random tests of the roads.

    ALL tests are rated by real professionals as equal or exceeding professional standards.

    Further affiant sayeth naught.

    Dave Israel


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