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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Be ALERT, they ARE at it again.....just received a phone call listed as "UNAVAILABLE" the number
being 1-678-388-8312, an Asian Male, asking for me, when I asked what this was about, he proceeded
to tell me, he represents Windows and they have been alerted their is something wrong with my computer
(the microsoft program) at which time I interupted stating "Nothing is wrong with my computer and stop
attempting to Scam the public"  Dead silence followed and I disconnected the call....
They seem to make the rounds, every few weeks, and most unfortunately the individuals at the other
end all appear to be pathetic!


  1. They will never give up until they get someone foolish enough to fall for the scam. I am sick and tired of them calling me. I received the same call a while back and I got my temper up and told him to go to hell. They're out there everywhere and most likely not from this country.

  2. I never get these calls and wonder if it is because I usually screen my calls using the Caller ID or waiting for the phone to begin taking a message. I know I save getting up and answering a lot of "junk" phone calls by doing this. The telephone is one of the most intrusive things there are. Right in the middle of (you name it), the phone rings!

  3. I don't wait for my temper to flare. I tell them to go to hell immediately. Doesn't stop them from calling again, but it makes me feel good.

  4. I get a least 1 call every few weeks. Hang ups are the best. It won't stop them from calling back even if you are on a no call list. They don't care.


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