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Saturday, September 27, 2014


I just read in the UCO Reporter that the first 100 applicants per day will be processed for bar codes for residents' vehicles. Who wants to get involved in that? Why not permit folks to apply via mail? Those of us who will not be in C.V. for the next few weeks or months can simply fill out the form that can be placed in the form section of the blog (the current form is for transponder), enclose a check, a copy of the registration and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The application can be processed and the bar code sticker can be returned in the envelope provided with instructions on where to mount the sticker. It seems pretty simple to me. No lines, no fuss, no muss and it takes the pressure off other residents who wish to visit UCO and get their sticker on the spot. Any misuse will result in the revocation of the sticker. Our time at C.V. is valuable. I, for one, do not want to waste a morning waiting for a bar code sticker. This is an easy fix. Please make it happen!


  1. I like that! What a good idea. Everybody who has the old transponder can just ask to get the new one by mail (or by internet) and pay with his credit card...

  2. There is no control this way you suggest. You can have the bar code put on any car then come down and say I have another car and need a new one. Then whoever's car has the extra bar code has access to the village.

  3. I just suggest to replace the transponder by a bar code. The old one at that time is canceled. Like when the bank replace a credit card.

  4. With today's cell phone cameras and printers. isn't it feasible that any bar code be photographed and readily printed to match size and installed on any car? How does a bar code reader know the difference or what vehicle the bar code is affixed to. Folks who want to "scam" are going to do that anyway. To me, abuse of the sticker is an enforcement issue not an issuance issue.


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