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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Hi All
One of our Village Sue-Meisters, who is suing UCO at this time, recently approached WPRF requesting permission to distribute a so called "Opt Out" form at Rec. Facility locations; pools, Clubhouses...Etc. This form is addressed to UCO Officers!
Guess what, there is no such form, thus the request was denied. UCO is not in the Opt-Out business, UCO's entire raison-d'etre is  Opting-In. That means joining in common effort, in synergy to advance the comfort, convenience and convivial life style that most of us came here to enjoy.
It is through the process of "Opting-In" that majority vote consensus leads to power in purchasing products and services for the benefit of all. Those who launch Recall Petitions, create self aggrandizing clubs, File frivolous Law suits, Disrupt important meetings, and now peddle non-existent "Opt-Out" forms, seek only their personal benefit, caring little for the votes of the majority.
So, how much damage is the Body Politic prepared to absorb; when you are approached with this disruptive form, think about the broad array of Services provided by UCO; the thousands of hours donated by UCO Volunteers, the millions of dollars saved;  and then be careful what you sign and ask for, you just might get it!
Dave Israel


Lanny Howe said...

This is a bit like the thief asking for the key to your house so he can burglarize it, isn't it? "Here, sir, and when you get in, you'll find the wall safe behind the picture on the bedroom wall. Would it help you to have the combination?"

Plcruise said...

Its just the moronic poison pen Esther whatever her name is and her gang of five trolls trying to whip up controversy and turmoil. She is beyond help, but will try to make all our lives miserable in the meantime, unfortunately. I hope UCO considers expelling her building from its UCO membership. They will last about 2 seconds on their own.

Grace said...

There is a way out. If you don't like condo living with all it entails, MOVE OUT. Go search for your utopia elsewhere.

jangor802 said...

I have another thought; Let us agree that all expenses over say $100,000 (or chose another amount) should go to a one unit (or one association) one vote. We are a large condo with separate associations and different rules. Like it or not MOVE OUT does not take into consideration the variables of our complex or the fact that we have approximately 7000 units, many of which are seasonal. And let's face it the dollars paid by seasonals vs their usgae allows us to maintain the relatively low cost of living in CV. Let's give this another thought.